The world bank noticed that it is quite good to Ukraine to increase Fund of guaranteeing deposits of times so in five

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The world bank suggests to increase fund of guaranteeing deposits of individuals five times. Money can be taken in banks or to ask for National Bank.

Yesterday representatives of World bank discussed with the first vice-the prime minister Oleksandr Turchynov of a condition of delivery of money for recapitalization of the Ukrainian banks. According to MB recommendations, the government it is necessary to increase assets of Fund of guaranteeing deposits of individuals. It can be reached two ways. The first - to grant the loan to Fund. The second way - to increase contributions of banks to Fund. Now at the accession to Fund banks pay to 1% of the capital, and then each half a year - on 0,25% of total amount of deposits in bank. At present rates and volumes of deposits banks have to pay in Fund following the results of the I half-year 2009 of 540 million hryvnias.

Bankers agree that the increase in means of FGVFL becomes important news to the market. "The increase in fund can convince the population that danger of storage of money in bank isn't present and the Fund precisely compensates a contribution", - the treasurer of one of the largest foreign banks speaks. However the idea to increase fund at their expense isn't pleasant to bankers. "At banks now far not iridescent time, profitability falls in the eyes. If to increase assignments of banks to guaranteeing Fund, it will be diamond deposits", - the vice-chairman of board of Sberbank of Russia Vladislav Kravets speaks.

Even at essential increase in contributions to Fund banks will be simply compelled to pay them. "Banks won't refuse the Fund, whatever assignments were - all use this factor as a way of deduction of investors", - the chairman of the board the Bank Terra Sergey Shcherbina is sure. In his opinion, the idea to increase assignments appeared too late: "Replenishment of this Fund needed to wish for those years when it was created due to assignments of tax banking institutions, and now we think - we guess how to fill Fund".

Concern of specialists of World bank about a lack of fund of guaranteeing deposits is explained by that not all banks in Ukraine will be able to have present hard times.The part of banks will be liquidated that will significantly increase both financial, and technological load of FGVFL.

Last year the National bank already granted the loan to guaranteeing Fund on 1 billion hryvnias that allowed to increase the maximum sum of compensations to 150 thousand hryvnias.

In 2007 assets of FGVFL increased by 54%, for 2008-й - for 123,7%. If offers of World bank are accepted, Fund assets will increase at once five times.


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