Medvedchuk are going to move in presidents

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Sotsial - democratic party of Ukraine (integrated) intends to take part in the following presidential election and considers as the most worthy candidate to this position of the former leader Victor Medvedchuk.

"We always considered: to bring an order to the country, the strong personality" is necessary, - the present leader of SDPU(O) Yury Zagorodny in interview "the Businessman - Ukraine" told.

"Such personality who is capable to stop long-term political chaos, we consider Victor Medvedchuk - he was many years party leader and honestly resigned authority of the chairman after our defeat at parliamentary elections", - he noted.

"Victor Medvedchuk is simply obliged to return to big-time politics. After an era of hypocrisy there has to come a time of honest politicians", - Zagorodny is sure.

Thus he emphasized that the party intends to nominate Medvedchuk in presidents in spite of the fact that that departed long ago from public policy.

"Yes, we will nominate him to this post, I would like that he was candidate for president. It is time for it to come back", - the leader of SDPU(O) told.

"I think if Victor Medvedchuk makes the decision on renewal of the political public activity, he never won't be anybody technical candidate and won't go in others waterway. It will conduct independent political activity. It has desire and political ambitions", - Zagorodny


"But what will be its final decision, today I can't tell you", - he added.

Thus on a question of, whether can support SDPU(O) ex-the president Leonid Kuchma at presidential election in case that proposes himself as a candidate, Zagorodny surely told: "He won't take part in presidential election".


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