The Chernovitsky swore that to a mental hospital won't go because he is the genius of level of Einstein and Dostoyevsky

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The mayor of Kiev Leonid Chernovetsky excludes passing of psychiatric examination by it.

He told about it during a meeting with the ambassador of Russia Victor Chernomyrdin.

"Certainly, I never for any examinations won't go, this my basic decision", - he told.

Thus it expressed fears that in case its all - will force to pass such examination and by its results recognize incapacitated, it can discharge of a position of the chairman of Kiev municipal administration.

"The horror consists that our legislation provides violent discharge from a position if examination recognizes me deranged. It is clear as examination" will do, - the mayor complained to the ambassador.

He also reported that on March 19 he received the letter from Ministry of Health with a request to pass such examination.

In this regard the mayor asked Chernomyrdin, whether there are at it no doubts in his mental solvency, having added thus that isn't afraid of any examinations.

According to him, all capable people have strangenesses.

As examples he called the writer Fyodor Dostoyevsky and the scientist Albert Enstein.

"The genius always borders on madness is an honest truth. There is no outstanding politician, the businessman, the economist in the world which wouldn't be strange", - Chernovetsky considers.

At the same time he reported that has ratings of political influence in the country according to which it enters ten the most influential people of Ukraine and is sure that its influence will grow only.

In this regard he urged Chernomyrdin to give an assessment to events in Ukraine, concerning such repressions against it personally.

Besides, with a similar request the mayor addressed to leaders of political forces, among which premieres - the minister Yulia Timoshenko.

It reminded that Tymoshenko passed in due time through prison, but considers that possible stay in a psychiatric clinic is more terrible than prison.

"And to make of me the madman for the present power not a problem", - he emphasized.

At the same time the mayor assured that welcomes any checks from the supreme bodies of the government in Kiev municipal administration and the Kiev city council.


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