The city authorities will appreciate sports success?

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On June 20 in management concerning regional state administration physical culture and sport (Admiralskaya St., 20, 5-й a floor) I took place a press - conference with participation of the Nikolaev boxers, owners of the Olympic licensesAleksandra KlyuchkoandSergey Derevyanchenko.

Press - conference in which heads of federation of boxing of the Nikolaev area and boxing club "Nikolaev" participated, was devoted to results 23-го Ahmet Komert's who has taken place in Istanbul (Turkey) international tournament, and training of boxers for the Olympic Games in Beijing.

Sergey DerevyanchenkoI won the license even in the fall of last year in the World Cup in Chicago.Alexander KlyuchkoI received the in February 2008-го, having successfully made a speech at license tournament in Italy. And it means that for the first time for all nice history of the Nikolaev boxing our two fellow countrymen will perform at one Olympic Games at once.

So far our athletes didn't stop preparation for the main start of the fourth anniversary: at the beginning of January they passed collecting in Alushta, on the Olympic base, and then - in Bulgaria where trained together with the Bulgarian national team. They participated in Plovdiv in traditional, 59 - m the international Strandzha tournament, from whereSergey DerevyanchenkoI returned with a bronze medal.

Alexander Klyuchkomeanwhile I had training in Concha - to Zaspa, and then I took off for Italy where in Pescara the next license tournament on which Sasha became a winner took place. And, after these competitions the final number of the Ukrainian boxers who will represent Ukraine in Beijing - 7 people was defined.

At the end of May in Kiev took place 8-й the international tournament on prizes of brothers of Klitschko.Sergey Derevyanchenkoto a gold medal of tournament I went through fights with eminent rivals from Turkey, Belarus, Cuba, in the final having met katarets Nabakhom Huzamom whom Sergey during a duel sent to a knock-down twice.

One more representative of CB Nikolaev,Alexander Klyuchko(weight category to 60 kg), also I reached the final where the Cubanbecame his rivalGordenis Ugas, winner of Pan-American Games-2007, owner of the Olympic license. In equal fight the victory was awarded to the representative of "Freedom island".

Ahmet Komert's recent tournament in Turkey (the small World Cup) where our Olympic licensees caused a stir again became the last check of forces before the Olympic starts:Alexander KlyuchkoI got to number of winners of tournament, andTo Sergey Derevyanchekno, having reached the final, by trainers it was removed from competitions from - for risk to be traumatized on the eve of the Olympic Games that would be very inopportunely.

About it the Nikolaev journalists were told by the trainer of a national team of Ukraine Sergey Korchinsky. He shared the closest plans of team: from June 23 to July 5 it will pass in Morshin uchebno - recovery collecting. Then - collecting in Concha - to Zaspa, till July 30. Between collecting will pass the first open Cup of Nikolaev - tournament on prizes of the hero of Ukraine Nikolay Romanchuk with participation of foreign athletes.

Applications for participation in it are already received from 19 boxing federations of the world. The departure to Beijing is planned also on July 30 where till August 8 the team will adapt. And in the first day of the Olympic Games, on August 9, boxing fights which will last about its last day will begin also. It is a pity that as a part of the national team of Ukraine there will be no heavyweight Ismail Sillakh who could help with team championship. But a mariupolets recently disqualified from - for small doping scandal.

On a question of what tasks face our athletes in China, Sergey Korchinsky answered that within their powers to ascend to the podium, and the national team of Ukraine - "the iron middling person", - can spoil mood to any rivals. Traditionally them are Russians, Cubans, Kazakhs and Uzbeks. The national team of China progressing day by day, also can get "to the sphere of interests" the Ukrainian boxers.

Sergey and Alexander, students of NUK and NSU, also confirmed the fighting spirit, having told in unison that their main dream in life was executed: they participate in the Olympic Games. On turn - most important: gain of a prize-winning place.

On it the chairman of the board of JSC Sigma-Sport, the deputy of the City Council Vadim Merikov noticed that the city and regional authorities, in his opinion, show consideration for needs of Olympians, and not only boxers insufficiently: The Nikolaev area won 25 Olympic licenses, the one tenth of all Ukrainian, having taken on this indicator 4-е a place in the country after Kiev, Kharkov and Donetsk. And attention to this fact it is given a little. The solemn farewell to Olympians isn't hosted at us. Here their meetings with awards - those yes, practice. Vadim Ivanovich in this regard was compelled to publish plans "Sigma - Sports" and regional federation of boxing about rewarding of boxers, in case of their success in Beijing, apartments.

Nikolay Rozdobudko, the head горспорткомитета, objected him meaning that the mayor gave an assignment to it to organize the solemn farewell to Olympians, and they have to take place. But with wires or without, with Saint Nikolay's icons or without it, and we hope that our children won't pump up and will do everything possible to increase glory of the Nikolaev sports. Especially as to them is on whom to equal.


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