Lutsenko: in Ukraine there are prerequisites for the power scenario

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In Ukraine there are prerequisites for possible power option of succession of events, the Minister of Internal Affairs Yury Lutsenko declared.

He told about it in interview to "A mirror of week".

"Symbiosis of an economic crisis, protest actions, deteriorations of a criminogenic situation and revanchist moods of the politicians who have begun presidential campaign, is available. Actually it also is prerequisites to power option", - the minister declared.

Lutsenko is sure that one of possible ways to begin realization of power option is discharge from the power of the prime minister and key ministers by means of the National Security and Defense Council decision, with the subsequent introduction of direct presidential board.

"A certain decision of the National Security and Defense Council by which it will be discharged of the power of premieres and key ministers soars long ago in air. Including Lutsenko. As a result - state of emergency and direct presidential board", - were told by him.

"All this is planned to impose artificially on mass protests which can capture all country", - the minister declared.

According to Lutsenko, it is possible to realize similar plans only by removal of the acting Interior Minister.

"Such plans really exist. However they can be carried out by exclusively illegal way. And it is possible to realize them only by capture of a post of the minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. For this reason I so disturb mister Baloge and his environment", - he declared.


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