Nalivaychenko: the power scenario – manipulations of politicians

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In Ukraine there are no prerequisites for implementation of the power scenario, the head of SBU Valentyn Nalyvaichenko declared. He told about it in interview to "A mirror of week".

"No power scenario in Ukraine will exist. In 2007 when it was very difficult, the president declared that in Ukraine everything will occur only a democratic way. Toys with delegitimization of the power have to be forgotten as the West wants to see us predicted", - Nalivaychenko is sure.

In his opinion, any real prerequisites for illegitimate application of power structures don't exist, and politicians for manipulation with the voter try to use possibility of the power scenario.

"I can tell the same and about prerequisites of power option which you so strenuously try to find. At legislative level they aren't present. At the level of interaction of power structures and intelligence services too isn't present. At the level of politicians? So it is their problems. Their responsibility. Tinsel. There are banal manipulations to influence us", - the head of SBU stated.

At this Nalivaychenko it is convinced, what even in case of introduction of state of emergency employees of SBU won't execute any illegal orders.

"In the law on SBU it is accurately provided that any illegal order shouldn't be executed by my subordinates. Therefore even if to me also will come to mind to show supervigilance or still something in the form of a chrezvychayshchina, children have the right not to execute my order if it illegal. And they well know about it", - the head of SBU emphasized.


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