At Tymoshenko are sure that Bank won't have the heart to seize power

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The president's team won't venture radical actions, and the direct presidential board remains only theoretical threat. I declared the first vice-it - the prime minister Oleksandr Turchynov in interview to "A mirror of week".

"Already there were traditional certain surges in chatter, instead of actions from the secretariat of the president, their supporters or the subordinated employees of local administrations", - it states.

"Tell that about possible introduction state of emergency that about discharge of the prime minister from the power, about direct presidential board … But while it only dreams", - was told by Turchynov.

Thus the first vice-the prime minister claims that the president's team quite often uses SBU and the State Office of Public Prosecutor for achievement of the momentary purposes, but doubts that power structures will be used for full-scale capture of the dictatorial power.

"It is necessary to notice that at a president's team a constant itch to use power structures - SBU and the State Office of Public Prosecutor - for protection of the political and corporate interests", - he noted.

"But, I repeat, I don't believe that people not capable qualitatively to carry out the functions, being able to assume a difficult burden of newly made dictators and not to be afraid to go this way", - Turchynov is convinced.


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