The government of the Russian Federation doesn't intend to support JSC RUSAL

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The government of Russia doesn't want "RUSAL" nationalization as it will cause a wave of similar requests from other companies, and hopes that shareholders of the company will solve all debt problems independently. I told about it in conversation with foreign journalists the first vice-the prime minister Igor Shuvalov, transfers Reuters.

"Creditors to themselves thought up history that we will come and we will rescue. It is a bad example. If we nationalize it, you know, what number of addresses to us will be tomorrow? " - he noticed.

Witz - the prime minister advised the shareholders of the aluminum giant largest from which Oleg Deripaska is, to look for money in the Russian banks, to attract new shareholders and to put own property. "At them in the personal plan everything is good. They in recent years not bad earned additionally and spent for the families. Now it is possible from a bad asset to get rid, and in a year - two to get a new asset. It would be very easy outcome", - I. Shuvalov told. "They all the personal property now sign guarantees. We hope that they will work also to satisfy debts. But it isn't necessary to put people in such conditions when they would go and were hung up. Additional suicides aren't necessary to us", - he added.

Thus the state will help to prevent similar succession of events only as a last resort, I. Shuvalov answering in the government for the anti-recessionary program told. In particular, he doesn't want to prolong VEB credit to "RUSAL" on 4,5 billion dollars Witz - the prime minister hoped that O. Deripaska "will find a solution". "If it as you speak, doesn't return the credit, we can go to prolonging, but I personally consider that it is inexpedient - to leave for terms. I will convince the colleagues that such decision it was accepted not", - I. Shuvalov told.

"At banks full of currency - let goes to commercial banks. They saved up over 100 billion dollars, and we provided them 11 billion dollars, or they should go and look for new investors and new shareholders", - I. Shuvalov told.

At the beginning of March in "RUSAL" reported that the company signed the agreement on transfer of maturity dates of a principal debt on the credits of the international banks, falling on the next two months. Also signing of the agreement was supported by the Russian creditor banks of "RUSAL". The amount of debt of "RUSAL" makes 14 billion dollars, of them debt to the international banks - 7,4 billion dollars

The Russian aluminum united company ("RUSAL") was formed as a result of merge of JSC RUSAL, JSC SUAL and Glencore International AG. In Ukraine the companies belong the Nikolaev aluminous plant and the Zaporozhye aluminum combine.


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