Yushchenko promises that Ukraine becomes part of EU - energetically

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He declared it during the performance at the international investment conference concerning modernization of the Ukrainian GTS on Monday.

"Already soon Ukraine will join the Contract on the general European power space", - he declared.

"And I am convinced that all Kaspiysko - Chornomorsko - the Baltic power transit space" becomes its integral part, - the president added.

"Full integration of our pipeline network into the European power system, full entry of our country into the European power community is steps of an exclusive strategic importance", - he emphasized.

"A strategic objective of Ukraine - the entry into the European Union. This process - inevitable as occurs from the nature of United Europe and Ukraine", - Yushchenko added.

He also emphasized that modernization of the Ukrainian gas transmission system will assure fair balance of interests between suppliers, consumers and transitors of gas.

"Technological updating will allow to optimize gas transmission routes that will increase their commercial appeal", - Yushchenko told.

"We want to increase system capacities for transportation and gas preservation, and for this purpose too we suggest to realize in common favorable investment projects", - he added.

Yushchenko emphasized that Ukraine fulfills the obligations responsibly and openly.

"No "fog" round transit of energy carriers is favorable to us. It is used against Ukraine and against all European community. We want to upgrade the gas transmission system to guarantee quality of its work at the level of all possible international standards", - he emphasized.

"We are vitally interested that the consumer in real time and spaces, always and everywhere knew where is and how the goods bought them" move, - the president added.

"Ours aim - to be integrated into uniform European power space significantly to strengthen the general opportunities - on the basis of transparent, market rules which are steadily observed", - he told.

"We want to bring finally an order to this sphere, to improve its work, to sweep aside any corruption schemes, to clean the smallest opportunities for political pressure and to increase the common economic benefit", - Yushchenko emphasized.

The president Victor Yushchenko declares that shortly Ukraine will join the Contract on the general power space.


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