At Yanukovych habitually accused the Ukrainian power that it ignores Putin

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The People's Deputy, the vice-chairman of Party of Regions, the minister of energy industry of the Oppositional government Yury Boyko considers inadmissible ignoring of a position of the Russian Federation in questions of modernization of GTS. He declared it to representatives of mass media.

"In such difficult fields of activity as gas transportation, isn't present a place to political intrigues - "to friendship together against the third". Normal work is possible, only if interests of all parties are considered: supplier of gas, his transitor and consumer. If it isn't present, normal work won't be", - Yury Boyko declared.

Making comments on a demarche of the Russian side during the Bruxelles conference, Quickly told: "the demarche speaks about one: interests of this strategic partner of Ukraine weren't considered".

The parliamentarian noted that carrying out the international conferences of similar level has to prepare and consider interests of all interested parties carefully. "Ignoring of a position of one of three main participants of a chain of transportation of gas as a rule dooms to a failure all action", - Yury Boyko emphasized.

According to the deputy - the regional, signing of the Joint declaration without participation of the Russian side became manifestation of double standards of the Ukrainian power: in words declaring strategic partnership with Russia, in practice the Ukrainian power ignores Russia at adoption of strategic decisions.

"It occurred today - actually Russia didn't invite to participate in modernization of the Ukrainian GTS", - Yury Boyko emphasized.

In his opinion, having ignored interests of the Russian side, Ukraine didn't come nearer, and on the contrary, moved away from the declared purpose - reliable and effective work of GTS in long-term prospect.

"Without full involvement in collaboration of the supplier - Russia - can't guarantee loading of GTS of Ukraine, - Yury Boyko declared. - Ignoring of a position of Russia contradicts radical interests of Ukraine".


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