Putin became angry again for the whole world – from - for the gas declaration of EU and Ukraine

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Russia will start reconsidering the principles of the relations with the European Union countries if interests of Moscow are ignored. It was declared by the prime minister - the minister of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin on a press - conferences in Sochi, making comments on results of the International investment conference on modernization of the Ukrainian gas transmission system which took place today in Brussels.

"If interests of Russia are ignored, we also will be compelled to start reconsidering the principles of our relations, - the prime minister of the Russian Federation told. - Very much it would be desirable that before business didn't reach".

At the same time, he declared that it is senseless to solve problems of increase in deliveries in fact the Russian gas without supplier.

"There was a strong wish that were heard. We are ready to joint constructive work with all our partners", - V. Putin added.

Speaking about the declaration adopted in Brussels by Ukraine and the European Union, V. Putin noted that the volume of pumping of gas can be the main key to success of investments as it is written to declarations, only.

"It is natural because it is a way of repayment of the credit, money for transit. But who consulted to us, whether we in the future will be able to transport such volumes, we will do it or not? If it is small technical failure in rather difficult triangle of relationship - Russia, Ukraine, the European Union, it anything. And if this beginning of attempts of system ignoring of interests of the Russian Federation, it is very bad", - V. Putin added.

Thus he noted that Russia had very business partnership practically with all leading European companies in the power sphere.

As it was already reported, yesterday in Brussels there took place the International investment conference on modernization of the Ukrainian GTS in which the President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko and the prime minister - the minister Yulia Timoshenko took part.

Following the results of investment - conferences "EU - Ukraine:partners in providing gas to Europe" the Joint declaration of EU, Ukraine and the international financial organizations which will define a basis for granting investments was signed.

The Russian delegation which was present at the International investment conference on questions of modernization of the Ukrainian GTS, left a forum after the announcement of a ceremony of signing of the total joint declaration.

During conference the Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation Sergey Shmatko showed discontent with the draft of the total declaration of this meeting. It pointed to some points of the document which don't suit the Russian Federation.


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