Moroz's "exiles" think of alternative SPU

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Thus both politicians recognize that such step can lead to split of Socialist party and creation of new party which basis the ideology of SPU will be, the Businessman - Ukraine" writes ".

"At them (the present management of SPU) in a pocket the press, the charter... But it is possible party and on - to another to call, the name - not the main thing. The main thing - to keep the principles put in program documents of Socialist party. At conference this question will be discussed", - Baranivsky told the newspaper.

It is known that on March 21 SPU political council at the meeting expelled Nikolayenko and Baranivsky from party "for violation of party discipline". Earlier they urged Socialist party "to be cleared" and, in particular, to replace the party leader.

However in two days after that Nikolayenko declared that his membership in SPU is restored.

"To me called from Kirovograd and told that Bogdanovka sat at my native village primary organization which admitted me to the party and included to me a party experience since 1991. Then to me called from пгт Bottom Serogoza of the Kherson area and told that they didn't recognize the decision of political council and too admitted me to the party with experience preservation", - he told.

According to Nikolayenko, it there were own initiatives of primary organizations: "I about it didn't ask".

The leader of Socialist party Alexander Moroz considers that repeated transfer in ranks of the party of Nikolayenko the SPU primary organizations doesn't contradict the Socialist party charter but to anything won't lead.

"Well... Let accept is a decision within the charter, but it to anything won't lead", - Moroz quietly declared to the newspaper, having heard this information.

In turn, Baranivsky doesn't recognize the decision of political council on the exception of party therefore doesn't see need for that primary organizations admitted decisions on its repeated acceptance to the party.

"In it there is no need. Three weeks ago I was elected the delegate on the SPU All-Ukrainian conference. There will be people who don't accept the line of present party leadership, and only conference can recognize or not to recognize my powers", - he declared.

Stanislav Nikolayenko and Alexander Baranivsky excluded on Saturday from Socialist party, conduct active preparation for the SPU All-Ukrainian conference which will take place on April 4 and on which it will be declared congress convocation.


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