In Nikolaevsk the City Council 92 deputies from 90 put now are registered! And Anatoly Dyumin refuse to include in zemelno - the architectural commission

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The quantitative structure of a depuy corps of city council increased - with 90 to 92-x. After on opened today, on March 24, 33-й sessions of city council everything is the question of replacement of deputies in Blok was pressed through by N. Vitrenko.

Once again the chairman territorial election commission Victor Lapchenko announced already all known information on an exit of 4 deputies of city council from Blok N. Vitrenko, about decision-making territorial election commission about granting to the following 4 deputies of the deputy status. If two excluded (Choubin and Akhanchonok) left the mandates (instead of them Kuchma and Diament came into the City Council), two (The Pole and Dolgosheev) submitted petitions. The Lenin district court recognized actions territorial election commission correct.

But deputies don't agree with it, therefore protest this decision in the Odessa appellate court. Lilia Lyakh reminded of these circumstances, having expressed opinion that "PSPU fraction wants to violate the Constitution and laws of Ukraine, and not the hands".

L.Lyakh defended also the head of fraction "Russia Party Konstantin Bely. The head of PSPU fraction Dmitry Nikonov, drawing that the decision the territorial election commission is that deputies Miguel and Demenko have to be included in structure of the constant deputy commissions, differently in a month they should be deprived of deputy powers (from the moment of decision-making territorial election commission these deputies in the commissions didn't work that is the basis for their exception), unexpectedly I got support of the largest fraction in city council - Pyotr Zibrov urged to give Rukovoditel Ave. of regionals to deputies, whose powers territorial election commission recognized, opportunity to work.

The mayor Vladimir Chaika read statements of deputies in which they asked to define them in certain deputy commissions: Miguel - in ecological, and Demenko - in zemelno - architectural.

Deputies voted for it, and the issue of the translation of one vitrenkovets (Morozov) from zemelno - the architectural commission in the commission on social problems was resolved after it:at the time of writing of the statement by Morozov deputies voted for it at full speed.

Whether is it violation, lawyers (if want, certainly) have to understand. But here other moment which didn't remember neither V. Lapchenko, nor the secretary of the City Council V. Korenyugin, neither the head of fraction of the Block N. Vitrenko D. Nikonov, nor other deputies, violation is unambiguously: neither Miguel, nor Demenko didn't take the oath of the deputy neither at this session, nor on previous, however and without this "trifle" which is so obligatory for their other colleagues, they were distributed in the deputy commissions.

It is strange that at a conclusion from structure of a depuy corps infamously Anton Polovenko (The civil block "Nikolaev for V. Chaika") and introductions of the new deputy which became Vladimir Armantraut, the chairman territorial election commission Victor Lapchenko observed all necessary procedures, including oath bringing by the newly made deputy. If to finish a question with the deputy commissions, V. Armantraut expressed desire to be a part of the commission on questions of local government, deputy activity, publicity and legality.

And here Anatoly Dyumin "deleted" by colleagues from structure of the architectural commission at the time of merge of it with the commission land, didn't manage to enter the same river. The mayor read Dyumin's statement with a request for inclusion it in zemelno - the architectural commission, but 40 deputies supported it only - the question didn't pass.

I didn't pass a question and after P. Zibrov appealed to colleagues to vote for it, having reminded that the place in this commission - PR quota (Dyumin had to enter into the commission instead of Leonid Podolsky who has left this world), - pro voted 44 deputies.

"Colleagues, it not on - partner", - the mayor told, and suggested to return to this question after a big break in which as V. Chaika offered, interfractional council had to gather. Oleg Mudrak paid attention present that to a judgment it isn't possible to bring out of structure of a depuy corps of two deputies, and "institution" of two following (Oleg Miguel and Oleg Demenko) will create a distortion towards one of political forces and will break results of elections: in the City Council passed only 15 vitrenkovets, and it will turn out that 17. Head of fraction of the Block N. Vitrenko


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