Family secrets of oligarchs: What "society column"

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It in the west of a detail of divorce proceedings of millionaires and show stars - business regularly get on pages of newspapers and the magazines, devoted to society column. The Ukrainian editions, it is proud calling of "tabloids", for 90% consist of reportings from parties, presentations and fashionable displays. And it at all because scandals, and the juicy details connected with VIP-stains don't suffice. Just it is enough of them. Matter in other …

The main thing that doesn't suffice to VIP-stains on - Ukrainian - absence even the slightest intrigue. If the millionaire (the billionaire, the deputy, the governor) decided to divorce from the best half - for sensations don't wait, the woman remains exactly to that the ex-husband will deign to leave, than, so to speak, will present from a lordly shoulder.

And to spit that the Family code accurately defines: in the absence of the marriage contract in common sewed property after divorce is halved by spouses. Sometimes in Ukraine the law and court can glitch. Especially when on a game some billion dollars, and one of the parties participating in divorce proceedings, can brag almost of close friendship with the top officials of the state.

"The club of the former wives" Ukrainian, if one may say so, elite is rather great. In due time the decision to completely change the private life was accepted by such known people, as Shufrich and Chervonenko, Firtash and Gorbal, Medvedchuk and Tigipko.

In certain cases divorce and the section of property happened "on - human" and without intervention of judicial authority. So, already former spouses have to each other no claims: Vasily Gorbal and Gallina, Natalya Gavrilyuk and Victor Medvedchuk. But there is also a reverse of the medal.

In February of the current year Margarita Chervonenko announced creation public organization "I - strong! ". Ex-the spouse of the former Minister of Transport and the former governor of the Zaporozhye area, by her own words, "remained in Concha - to Zaspa on the street in slippers and without driver".The sizes "in common sewed" and, according to the Law, property subject to the fair section, even were unknown to it. The lawsuit lasts still for now its seminar for the women who endured divorce and have come up against a similar situation, caused a big agiotage in the capital.

The success of an initiative of Margarita Chervonenko is explained by several simple circumstances.

In - the first, the number of divorces and marriages in Ukraine is approximately identical. In - the second, violation of the rights of women, a gender inequality - the integral lines of the Ukrainian state and society, mentality, so to speak. In - the third, notorious public opinion, speaking openly, not really - that is favorable to "the former wives of millionaires". Pier that it still to complain: lived all found, anything to itself didn't refuse, lived in clover - generally, so and it is necessary to them! Envy, whatever one may do, strong feeling. In - the fourth, the Ukrainian court, as we know, the most fair and incorruptible in the world …

To put it briefly, the number of the women robbed (we will call things by their proper names, at last,) the former spouses reached a certain critical point. And now they combined efforts.

Margarita Chervonenko's history, certainly, got the biggest resonance. But here on deception scale with the property section it, certainly, concedes to Maria Firtash's history. At the last the account goes really on billion dollars. And here personally I as the woman and the journalist test a certain disappointment that ex-the spouse of the gas oligarch didn't bring the problem to the same level of publicity, as well as Margarita. Though, most likely, soon trial about the section of property of the former spouses will be resumed, and we learn a lot of interesting about the most mysterious of the Ukrainian billionaires. The matter is that as we know, in December 2007-го, a little more than half a year back, the Judicial council of Ukraine confirmed: a couple marriage by Firtasha was dissolved illegally. In the text of the relevant decision (is available at the disposal of edition of "Details") it is said that procedure was carried out with various violations of laws and instructions by which judges have to be guided, in principle.

The reasons for such decision it appeared more than enough. As Maria's lawyer Victor Demjanjuk tells, everything occurred as follows.

Dmitry Firtash submitted the petition for divorce on July 22, 2005 and had on hands the ready decision already on August 8.Efficiency of court guards, isn't it? "As a rule, divorce procedure provides filing of application, consideration of the case by court, hot discussions between conflicting spouses during meetings which very much convince officials that they can't live together in any way. However in a case with a couple Firtash such scenario and in mention wasn't", - Maria's lawyer claims.

About divorce with Dmitry Firtash Maria learned … from newspapers. Spouses didn't argue in the face of the judge and didn't meet at all in the court building for that simple reason that Maria Firtash as the respondent at meeting was absent - not on the fault.

The call in court is carried out by means of the agenda. However Maria Firtash owing to the unknown reasons didn't receive the corresponding notice, and therefore knew nothing about divorce proceedings. The receipt which allegedly confirmed, however, appeared in case papers that Maria notified on preparing meeting. But later examination established that the signature on this document belonged not to it, and the foreign person.

Still curious nuance: it was established that one judge accepted the statement of claim of the businessman, and another in spite of the fact that it contradicts the official instruction about office-work in civil vessels considered case already.

The first attempt to appeal against obviously prejudiced decision was unsuccessful. After consideration of the statement of Maria Firtash about revision of results of divorce proceedings in connection with discovery of new circumstances the court in April, 2007 accepted definition which refused to the claimant. It is remarkable that the document was approved by that judge who issued divorce of spouses... As a result Maria Firtash used the right for the appeal.

The claim sum, on hearings, makes 1,8 billion euro. After all the sum twice big as Maria Firtash proves, ex-the spouse concealed. At the time of divorce some people in Ukraine (we won't hint who exactly), knew the original price of assets of "Rosukrenergo". First Dmitry Firtash promised that the section of property will occur fairly. And only nearly two years later since the moment of "strange divorce" Maria Firtash understood that her deceive and play for time. From the moment of a lawsuit she and her relatives more than once became victims of the most various provocations, - but it already other history …

It is remembered, on March 8 Yulia Timoshenko solemnly promised that the men who have offended women, "will deal" personally with the Prime minister - the minister.Really its promises extended only for one this day? It is remembered, the chairman of the Supreme Court of Ukraine - Vasily Onopenko promised restoration of justice and corruption eradication in judicial system. Whether there are shifts? Nina Karpacheva if I am not mistaken, reported about progress in achievement of original equality of men and women. As far as it is still far to the true equality before the law?

Maria Firtash, Margarita Cherovnenko and one thousand more Ukrainian women very much would like to hear answers to these questions. After all we will tell honestly: if to overcome corruption in vessels and outvoice deafness of the Ukrainian society women rather well-founded, rather active hardly can - what to speak about others, whose names don't get even to our "society column".


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