The Nikolaev deputies went on a string at movement "Anticredit"?

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Yesterday, on March 24, the first plenary session by 33-it sessions of the Nikolaev city council took place. During this meeting, deputies accepted a number of the addresses one of which concerns impossibility of citizens to pay on the dollar credits.

This address was sent to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the Prime minister - to the minister of Ukraine and to National bank of Ukraine.

In particular, deputies demanded from the central authorities: to recognize a crisis state in financially - a banking system of Ukraine and, in this regard, impossibility of execution as borrowers of commercial banks of currency financial obligations.

Requirements of deputies were consolidated to those requirements which were sounded by activists of the Nikolaev movement "Anticredit": distribution of the risk which has arisen from - for growth of an exchange rate, between the state, commercial bank and the businessman to oblige commercial banks not to allow increase in interest rates for the credits and to obligation of their reduction in case of decrease in a reporting rate of NBU.

Possibly, for bigger persuasiveness, in the address it was told that only urgent introduction of offered actions will give the chance to keep more than 45 thousand subjects of business activity in Nikolaev and to prevent strengthening of social tension in connection with possible reduction of a large number of workplaces.

Deputies and modification of the tax legislation, and creation of the state bank or national agency which will be engaged in target refinancing of problem assets demanded, and to strengthen control of operations of purchase and sale of currency for prevention of speculation, etc.

As we see, actions of Nikolaev "anticreditchik" affected the Nikolaev people's deputies. What aims they pursue unclear, possibly pre-election company already began also fight for voters in full blast.


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