Deputies of the Nikolaev City Council at first scarified rules of a parking, and then accepted them

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Deputies of the Nikolaev city council during discussion of Provision on rules of a parking of vehicles in Nikolaev picked them to pieces, but all the same accepted... for a basis.

47 deputies voted for it in need of 46 voices.

It should be noted that rules of a parking are assumed as a basis and will be finished still - the head of fraction of Party of Regions in the City Council Pyotr Zibrov insisted on it.

BYuT fraction in the City Council didn't vote in support of this decision.

The deputy Valery Burkun (PR) the first scarified the proposed regulation about rules of a parking in which protection of transport srydstvo isn't provided, but payment for a parking near supermarkets and shopping centers is provided, in general unclear who controls a parking in the yards.

Oleg Mudrak (BYUT) noted that offered rules determine boundary time of a parking - 2 hours (though it is unclear why such time span), in rules subscriber coupons are mentioned, but it isn't specified to whom they will be given whom, in what quantity, etc., besides no requirements to a hardware of parkings from operators who collect a payment are present and the choice of operators of parkings is unclear.

The regional Anatoly Dyumin also noted that rules of a parking have to show accurately the mechanism of payment of a parking in general without cash: through паркоматы, by means of counters, receipts or cards. "Cash shouldn't be because they will stick to a pocket", - he told.

Byutovets Alexander Kurchenko considers that the offered Provision on rules of a parking at all doesn't correspond to the stated purpose - filling of the city budget. According to him, now the budget replenishes 50-60 thousand hryvnias a year from a parking thus that really nikolayevets spend on parkings annually from 3 to 7 million hryvnias by different calculations. Kurchenko suggests to make the fixed tax on a parking for each owner of vehicles for a year.

Now from a parking of 1 car in city budget 17 kopeks arrive, other means remain to the operator of a parking.

Whether will be учитаны all remarks and when Nikolaev will receive final rules of a parking it isn't known as Zibrov suggested to accept these to finish them, then to publish, then again to finish and only then to accept finally.


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