On Friday Nikolaev "regionals" "will ask" Tymoshenko and Yushchenko to retire

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On March 27 expires hundred days which the Party of Regions gave the authorities for improvement of a situation in the country. The power showed the insolvency to fight against crisis. Reports a press - service of Party of Regions. According to "regionals", the people are ready to tell this power: "Your time passed - it is time to answer! "

On this occasion on March 27 activists of Party of Regions prepare a large-scale action over all country. So, in Kiev, to Square of Independence protest action under the name will take place at 12 o'clock: "Tell this power the "no"! "

Participants of meetings in all cities plan will express a protest against policy which is pursued by Yulia Timoshenko's government and the president Victor Yushchenko.

Didn't stand aside and Nikolaev "regionals". On March 27 in the city of Nikolaev they plan to hold a similar action. Supporters of Party of Regions will gather at 11.00 on Sovetskaya Street near Sotka restaurant, then will proceed march on the main pedestrian street of the city to Lenin Square where meeting will take place.

As it is possible to notice, "the spring political aggravation" gathers the turns. We will remind that slightly more than a week ago the action held "Vitrenkovtsa" at which scope was one many more. And we remember, how many inconveniences they created to citizens.

We will live we will see how the action will be held by "regionals" … Probably they too laid up some surprises for nikolayevets.


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