The National Council at Yushchenko demands from Russia to stop the anti-Ukrainian statements

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The national council concerning culture and spirituality at the President is concerned by increase of the anti-Ukrainian statements from officials and authorities of Russia.

About it it is told in the message a press - services of the President.

On June 19 in the Secretariat of the President passed meeting of National council concerning culture and spirituality at the President with the assistance of representatives of the central executive authorities and the public.

"The National Council demands to stop practice of statements of frankly anti-Ukrainian character", - is spoken in the message.

Members of council consider such statements as direct intervention in internal affairs of Ukraine.

In turn, the chairman of parliamentary committee on questions of the foreign put Oleg Bilorus and the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Evgeny Dobryak (both is Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc fraction) suggest parliament to recognize as intervention attempt in internal affairs of Ukraine of the offer of the State Duma (the lower house of parliament) to the authorities of Russia to consider possibility of cancellation of the treaty of friendship and cooperation with Ukraine.

About it it is spoken in the draft of the statement of Rada which text is addition to the draft of the resolution No. 2674, registered in parliament on June 19.

"The Ukrainian party regards adoption of the address as a political action that is attempt to carry out direct intervention in internal affairs of our state, and is directed on intensity forcing, blasting good-neighbourhood and strategic partnership between Ukraine and Russia", - is spoken in the project.

Authors of the statement suggest Rada to recognize appeals to an exit of Russia from the contract in case of accession of Ukraine to the Plan of action on membership in NATO, those that negative consequences for the bilateral relations can have.

Authors suggest Rada to express special concern concerning recommendations of the State Duma of Russia not to fulfill the international obligations of the country recorded, in particular, in basic agreements on temporary stay of the Black Sea fleet of the Russian Federation in the territory of Ukraine.

Are offered to confirm with the project of parliament the devotion the basic principles of the good-neighbourhood enshrined in the treaty of friendship, cooperation and partnership with Russia, and to urge the State Duma of Russia to refrain from similar statements which can interfere with civilized development of the bilateral relations.

Authors of the statement suggest Rada to address to the President To Victor Yushchenko and to the Cabinet to take all necessary measures for the purpose of neutralization of possible negative consequences for national security of Ukraine from the mentioned steps of the State Duma.

As it was reported, in Russia are sure that the aspiration of Ukraine in NATO will lead to the most serious crisis in the relations between Moscow and Kiev and will undermine bases of global safety.


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