Deputies of a regional council totally carried the report on implementation of the Program socially - economic development of the Nikolaev area

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"Baptism of fire" of the new chief of GU of economy of the regional state administration Natalya Martynova took place today, on 27-й sessions of regional council.

Certainly, to it allowed to report about the main indicators of the Program socially - economic development of the Nikolaev area for 2000-2010 "Nikolayevshchina-2010" and about a course of its performance, having never interrupted.

But then carried totally this report. However, claims to the speaker as to the personality didn't sound - all claims sounded to the regional state administration.

At first about indicators which were worsened in all respects in comparison with indicators on which were based when developing the budget of area for 2009.

If following the results of 2008 industrial outputs grew by 0,4%, following the results of 2009 falling of outputs for 16,5% is expected.

In agro-industrial complex following the results of last year volumes of gross output of agriculture grew by 73%, but it is expected that following the results of this year volumes will make 89,7% of level of 2008. Rates too will fall in housing construction: if in 2008 160,9 thousand sq.m. of housing were put into operation, this year 117,2 thousand sq.m are expected only. The volume of retail commodity turnover on all channels of realization as consider in the regional state administration, will decrease by 8%, and the volume of the realized services remains at former level. But thus it is expected that employers won't allow real falling of a salary.

The first with criticism to a tribune there ascended Igor Ovdiyenko who was indignant with that the governor (Alexey Garkusha reports on such important indicators not was absent in connection with participation in meeting at the President of Ukraine) and at all his deputy, and the head of department.

However, it was difficult to disagree with being "the red director" regarding his remarks on data on shipbuilding plants which are recorded in the report. According to these data industrial output on "Vaden Yards Okean" fell to only 3%, on GP "Shipbuilding Plant of 61 Communards" grew (!) by 62,2%, and for "ChSZ" increased by 9,1 times.

"That we how people speak, to the Turk drag? " - I asked I.Ovdiyenko's question.By the way, it criticized the regional state administration not only for these figures, but also for a position: "When we say that the Nikolaev area is not in the end of all regions of Ukraine, and in the middle or even is closer to the beginning, it leads to that the President arrives in Nikolaev аэопорт, and then goes to Kherson because there is worse. And then we are surprised that we can't resolve issues".

The colleague I.Ovdiyenko Alexander Meznik stated from a tribune the concern about a situation in agro-industrial complex of area, and Tamil Bugayenko - imbalance of regional budgets. Larisa Shesler expressed opinion that the regional state administration very badly cooperates with local governments, and in the report specified unreal indicators.

The report too wasn't pleasant to Alexander Krinichnom because "in it there is a lot of ascertaining of the facts, but there aren't enough exits - the regional state administration has to modify in each direction the actions".

Generally, deputies assumed the report only as a basis, charged to the regional state administration to finish this important document and wrote down in the solution of session that from now on on the matter the regional state administration management of a position not below the deputy governor reported.


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