Ekhanurov told that the army in case of the Maidan-2

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On a question, whether the army is ready to execute any order of the commander-in-chief - Victor Yushchenko, Ekhanurov answered: "Any order within the Constitution".

On specification if any political force, for example BYuT, decides to repeat the Maidan, whether the army by order of Yushchenko is ready to disperse people, the minister added:

"In - the first, it is impossible to repeat the Maidan within one generation. Because then people left, and now them try to bring to squares. These are absolutely different things".

"In - the second, the constitutional debt of army - protection of the country. We won't participate in political dismantlings", - Ekhanurov declared.

"In day of taking office I wrote the application that I stop any political activity. It has no right to be engaged any of my subordinated", - he added.

According to the minister, "in Ukraine the power solution of a political conflict is impossible": "We have quiet people. Besides, it is favorable to start in the country power opposition to nobody".

On a question of how it will arrive if there is a requirement at the expense of army to provide an appearance at future presidential elections, Ekhanurov answered:

"I professionally dealt with issues of elections and I know statistics. Everywhere and always the army voted as the population of that territory in which the military unit is located voted. Distinctions were in 1-2%".

"So members of families influenced views of the military personnel much more, than the administration. Therefore no political pressure upon army existed and, I guarantee, won't be! ", - the minister assured.

The Minister of Defence Yury Ekhanurov assures that in Ukraine the power solution of a political conflict is impossible, and declares that the army won't participate in political dismantlings.


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