Alexander Zholobetsky about that didn't sound at session of the City Council

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The regular session of the City Council which has taken place on March 24-25 at which the General plan of Nikolaev till 2031 had to be considered ended. Session ended, but the feeling of an innuendo remained.

In - the first because concrete and detailed consideration of the General plan it didn't turn out. There didn't arrive developers of the project and the mayor at the last minute changed the mind and didn't begin to insist on his acceptance. And it is a pity that serious conversation didn't leave, in this occasion is what to tell.

But about everything one after another.

I will begin about that mini - the conflict in which me tried to involve and about which already reported local mass media including
So, the head of regional council of soldiers - internationalists Alexander Tokarev tried to accuse me that it from - for me isn't allocated the earth under construction of individual houses for soldiers of a stock.

Actually a situation is as follows: in 1992 for improvement of living conditions of the military personnel the decision on transfer of lands of the former range before entrance to Matveevka of 42 hectares for construction of houses of farmstead type was made.

The general plan of the residential district in which on the state norms in this alleged inhabited settlement have to be constructed a kindergarten, school, social and cultural facilities, stadium, movie theater and other, on only 6,45 hectares of the area was for this purpose developed.

These 42 hectares divided long ago into 306 sites, objects соцкультбыла weren't constructed. Now representatives of soldiers of a stock and soldiers - internationalists submitted an application for 13 hectares under a housing estate along Matveevskaya Route, with a request "to cut" and remained under construction соцкульбыт - objects of 6,45 hectares on 10 hundred parts - again under cottages. My principled stand is that in the settlement in which construction about 500 houses is provided, have to be both school, and a kindergarten, and at least the sports ground.

Therefore I was really against - but only against division under building of this sotskulbytovsky territory in 6,45 hectares. In all the rest I only pro, for as voted at each meeting of the profile commission.

The most ridiculous that I even before session knew that me will try to involve in the far-fetched conflict.

However, together with me one more had to appear "not convenient" the deputy, but his surname, probably, forgot. But I not in a claim, I with sympathy treat people whom use "in dark".

Now about about what I had to there be a speech at City Council session at General plan discussion. The specification on development of the General plan of Nikolaev was given in 2003.

Since then for the project in total paid 1,5 million UAH

And what we have in the end result?

Developers of the General plan suggest us to build the city in two directions - along Kiyevskaya Route and along Odesskaya Route. Designers repeated more than once that Nikolaev is in an impasse in respect of the development.

But all their decisions don't assume an exit from this deadlock, they, in fact, are same deadlock. I will explain, why.
For example, traffic intersections.

Designers stated: Varvarovsky Bridge is overloaded practically by 2,5 times. And even if the bridge on the Japanese credit will be built bypass, it will unload with it for 10-15%.

So designers speak.

What do they offer for the solution of this problem?

The bridge through Levanevtsev on the opposite coast with an exit to Odesskaya Route. The cost of construction of this bridge - about 4 billion UAH

And, this bridge - intracity value, that is has to be under construction for the account of the city budget. 4 billion UAH are about five annual budgets of Nikolaev.

Besides, according to the project this bridge through the Southern Bug has to be six-band.

Thus designers why - that didn't consider that entrance or departure from the bridge "flows" in a two-strip which can't be expanded as it is clamped by houses.

What for us waits in this case?

At least, inevitable jams.

The second.

At this stage of the General plan "red lines" though had to be aren't provided not.

"Red lines" determine street width. This territory limited to red lines, includes the carriageway, foot sidewalks, the territory for laying of engineering communications and gardening. In red lines no constructions should be in principle, and we have it continually. And the offered draft of the General plan in this plan doesn't change anything.
It means, what similar violations will be multiplied and from now on?

But unless we wanted it?

The third question on which the draft of the General plan doesn't give any answer, is a question of ecological safety of life in Nikolaev. In particular, existence in the city of necessary number of green plantings.

Today Nikolaev is provided with green plantings for 63% of norm. According to the General plan this indicator had to be brought to 100% at the expense of increase in the area of recreational zones.

But, as it appeared, developers for this purpose planned creation of new alluvial territories along the river the Southern Bug and on Ingul's coast.

Tell, we can afford creation of alluvial territories today?

It is real - to wash the territory in the Rocket Grove to break there park?

Also according to Genpaln's project Alyauda's peninsula is a recreational zone. Only executive power Nikolaeva "forgot" to warn developers that on Alyaudakh of 65 hectares are given for complex low building though since the beginning of development of the General plan the local government was obliged to transfer at once all made City Council land and architectural concepts to developers.

It wasn't made.

Now designers make a helpless gesture, justifying that they were guided by provided information.

In other words, in Nikolaev now there will be no recreational zone of 65 hectares.

The same and with Victory park.

According to the draft of the General plan is too a recreational zone. But what remains from this zone in case of possible implementation of the known lease contract according to which the most part of park is given under торгово - entertaining building?

That is, according to this General plan we will have no 19 square meters of green plantings provided by the law on the person, and the majority of proposals of developers remains only on paper.

Tell, whether such Master plan of development is necessary to the city of Nikolaev?

Frankly speaking, all of us counted on other project. More verified, weighed, real and professional. But today to us say that each modification of this project will cost millions.

Whether we in present conditions can afford such luxury?

Therefore, despite all aforesaid, I was ready to vote for this document.But only to stop further washing away of means from the city budget and though as - that to bridle samozastroy and self-capture process.

Alas, we are compelled again, as well as always in recent years, to choose the smaller from two evils.

Alexander Zholobetsky


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