Tymoshenko has an alternative offer for Russia?

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Participation of Russia in modernization of the Ukrainian gas transmission system about which the prime minister - the minister Yulia Timoshenko spoke, can not concern the project between Ukraine and EU.

As the adviser to the prime minister for power questions Alexander Gudyma speaks, today Tymoshenko has the alternative offer for Russia, transfers Radio "Svoboda".

"There is an unfinished gas pipeline Ukraine and Russia at the time of the Soviet Union - "Bogorochana - Uzhgorod" that allows to increase capacity at the minimum investments", - Gudyma notes.

Authorized the president of Ukraine on power questions Bogdan Sokolovsky, in turn, emphasized that the Russian approach to modernization of the Ukrainian GTS - first of all, concerning consortium - Kiev doesn't suit the proposal of the prime minister of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.

According to him, for Ukraine and its national interests today the most favorable is the project with the European Union.

"Russia has the vision of rather Ukrainian GTS. At the same time, from the point of view of national interests those offers which are acquired with EU countries are more acceptable, more favorable to Ukraine. They are better coordinated with the present national legislation and correspond to strategic interests and the purposes of Ukraine", - Sokolovsky to "Freedom" told.

However, he notes, Moscow can't stand aside, therefore the Russian experts will be invited to implementation of the project of modernization of GTS.

The deputy head of "Naftogaz of Ukraine" Yaroslav Marchuk also declared that without the Russian gas the increase in power of the Ukrainian pipe doesn't make sense - means, the position of Moscow needs to be considered and attracted it to the project with EU.

"All this can be and in those projects which are already shown today at the Bruxelles meeting. These are projects which entered in the master - the plan of modernization of GTS. And Russia can take part in these projects. It would be correct", - Marchuk considers.

It is known that Ukraine and EU signed the joint declaration on modernization of the Ukrainian gas transmission system. Russia declared that it excluded from process of negotiations on the matter, and the declaration is bilateral and political.

Tymoshenko at once after signing of the Bruxelles declaration declared that Russia is desired in the project of modernization of GTS. And being in Japan it I stated belief that soon all misunderstanding between Moscow and EU in this question will be removed and Russia will join reconstruction of Ukrainian "pipe".


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