Nikolay Kruglov: "Simultaneous presidential and parliamentary elections — conscious need"

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- Nikolay Petrovich, comes to an end on March 27 100 days which gave power Party of Regions for establishing order in the country. After that protest actions over all country, including in the capital of Ukraine are promised. At the same time with it the Nikolaev City Council accepted the appeal to parliament and compatriots about need of carrying out early presidential and parliamentary elections. These are links of one chain?

100 days were defined from the moment of creation of the so-called coalition which nobody recognizes. And she doesn't recognize herself. Even those political forces which enter it, speak: yes, the coalition has no 226 voices. The president says that she is illegitimate because representation on appointment the Prime minister - the minister didn't move, the Cabinet wasn't formed.

Today we have a unique situation when under the Constitution and under laws of anything in the state doesn't become. Four years we observe frank neglect the law. When the present president needed to become a president, it took an unprecedented step, and the Supreme Court changed the Constitution. And now we observe fight of the president against a judicial branch of the power, including with the Supreme Court. Today all structures which under the Constitution have to be formed after and by results of elections, are beyond the scope of the Country constitution. To demand from them observance of laws it is useless because they are beyond the scope of the Law. Who can stop it everything? Under the Constitution the only source of the power in our state are the people. The people can demand to bring an order to the state. The power isn't able to carry out the functions, and the people so can't live and work any more. Today nobody can at least for a week, for a month forward to foretell that will be in the state.

We see: there is a disorder of a banking system. We - the only state in which deposits were frozen. At the same time borrowers ask to write off their credits.And how to make it if in the banks are money of other people? And in such situation for the sake of rescue of the credits of foreign banks Ukraine under rigid obligations to the IMF which too aren't carried out, takes 4,5 billion dollars. And right there all these 4,5 billion were given abroad, kopeks didn't go to the solution of problems of our state.

How many it can proceed? Exit one: we have to return to a starting position, return the power to the necessary course. Those who already broke the law, back aren't able to return to it. The people can put them into place only. To us said that crisis - improper time for carrying out early elections. We obeyed, and it is vain - would be persistent, and in December of last year we would have the new power working in a rigid framework.

According to the conclusions of all experts including international, Ukraine is today in the worst situation. Yes we and see it. All states accepted anti-recessionary programs, we don't have it. In the USA so in details discussed the anti-recessionary measures and presented them publicly that practically each American knows, as why does their government. Yes, there too it is bad, unemployment, people can't pay off on the credits, but they know that the power tries to help them, they together, orderly fight against crisis. Russia still didn't accept the anti-recessionary program, but it prepared it, gave for discussions to all regions and published in mass media. We don't have anything. There is only a lot of statements, flashing on TV with stories that everything is good, the government and the prime minister hold branch meetings, all promise all, but anybody receives nothing. But the set of the unreasoned, not counted, illogical laws is thrown. In the country decline in production, unemployment, critical reduction of the income of all segments of the population. We lose middle class which grew on the credits. Let it at us the, peculiar, this middle class, but us and it lose. Many fade into the background, the tax press sharply increased. Tax specialists work on a lawlessness, they have no place to disappear, but already and it is impossible to them. The government coded all information. When such was that coded statistics? In 17 years - only at this government. For what it becomes? In order that it was possible to say lies. To say lies to live for the following presidential election because a main goal, the main fight in the country - for presidency.As to be?

Around the world the governments of the countries try to protect the citizens, to protect their income to keep consumer ability which is very important for economy preservation, at us increase a tax press. Look that in our country do with the most active part of the population - businessmen. They asked nothing, they created to themselves workplaces. What for them made? At first initiated the conflict round market collecting though we and warned about harm of a similar step and in the parliamentary committee were categorically against such changes. Than everything ended? Businessmen rose, blocked power institutes, and in two weeks of premieres won back everything back, having shifted the blame on deputies. I too communicated with the businessmen picketing parliament, told that it is deputies from the coalition dragged the bill in which increase of market collecting is provided. As a result all cancelled, now we in general have no law on market collecting, neither old, nor new. The same was and with transport collecting.

The following step - increase of excise duties. Yulia Timoshenko speaks: we raise an excise on harmful goods. Forgive, today it is possible to call harmful goods anything, depending on the one who that uses or doesn't use. Each person has an option, including on a way of life. Let's look, how many in the country of millions smokers, how many the drinking. The state has to find a common language with consumers, not stop production, not lose workplaces. Not to promote creation of corruption schemes and smuggling activization. But we have all differently. We raised a duty - the price of fuels and lubricants grew, and in the country the motor transport of freights transports more, than railway. Means, this next increase of cost of goods and services at in the eyes growing thin purses of citizens.

Every day something is thought out new from what it isn't better for our compatriots but only is worse. Including from giving of the IMF which strictly orders to provide receipts in the state budget of 9 billion hryvnias at the expense of increase in taxes. Means - again to pull out this money from pockets of Ukrainians. It will save Ukraine?

On this background corruption schemes are developed also. For example, establishment of minimum prices of alcoholic beverage production. In 2005 it was already made. But the WTO brought us charges that it not a market mechanism, and Ukraine - the country with market economy.And the same year minimum prices of alcoholic products cancelled. In 2008 again entered. But entered, in - the first, having five times increased, and in - the second, only on production of domestic producers. Now the Moldavian, Georgian, Armenian cognacs and the Russian vodka are on sale without price restriction. Our vodka isn't lower than 14 UAH. For a bottle, and Russians deliver on 10-12 UAH therefore production in Ukraine of the same vodka was sharply reduced. And after all it too source of filling of the budget. It is possible to call such actions thought over? No.

The same unreasonable policy is carried out and in agrarian sector. Last year the unprecedented grain yield was reaped, and as a result landowners remained "without trousers", money for a sowing campaign isn't present.

Owing to the so-called land reform carried out by the present power the owner of a land share receives from its leasing about 1000 hryvnias a year - less than on 100 hryvnias a month. Thus it, in compliance with the Cabinet resolution, at all has no right to be registered in the employment center as needing a workplace. Today to inhabitants of the village speak: "You have two hectares, you - provided". We threw these people on a survival, and they survive only on the subsidiary farm. In rural areas already nobody speaks about creation of workplaces, we simply deleted these people.

One of the most unprotected at us - large families, the majority from which lives in rural areas. They received compensation of cost of gas, oven fuel, utilities. Today the government makes the decision: if in this family though one able-bodied doesn't work, the family loses the right for the social help. But it works because doesn't want, he has no place to work. Million people leave rural areas because there is no work. Unless it is normal? And against this general impoverishment of the IMF demands from us until the end of 2009 to bring gas price to world level... The world prices are 350 dollars for 1000 cubic meters. Now present that will be if the gas price at us raises to this level. The villager with his income will be able, figuratively speaking one day to live in heat at such cost. So for the sake of what it becomes? To receive once again 1 billion 100 million and right there again to give these means back.After all neither from the first, nor from the second tranche of the IMF kopek won't go to start returning deposits to restore crediting system without which nobody will be able normally to work and live. Depreciation to hryvnia proceeds, current assets sharply don't suffice, and there is no place to fill up them. We again exhaust everything in a shadow. And how budget and state employees?

On this background the decision to freeze the minimum living wage and a minimum wage is made. And all this does the same Cabinet.

In parallel there is an irreconcilable war between different institutes of the power, between the President and the government. And the unclear and illegitimate coalition, courts which are on the party that of one, other branch of the power, one, other political force serve this war. Can reconcile all only the people.

Let's say we elect today the president, not important what. But under the law and under the Constitution change of the president doesn't involve government change, the parliament and the coalition remain former. What's next? Therefore we are obliged to raise a question of simultaneous presidential and parliamentary elections, obliged to explain why it needs to be made. Because today the vast majority of mass media is served by someone's interests. Not because don't want to tell the truth but because it "isn't interesting to anybody". Look as interpretation of any conflict depending on changes with what TV channel it is shined as the position of the official depends on opinion of the one who put it who appointed it. Look as the position of the head of SBU sharply changed, in what the National Security and Defense Council turned. What degree of marasmus was reached by two heads of the state in mutual recriminations and examinations who stole more and who to what brought the country. And then these people join hands, go abroad and speak: we are uniform.

The following idiotic step - signing of the decision on modernization of the gas transmission system without Russia. We in due time, at Kuchma, together with YuTZ counted reconstruction of the GTS compressor stations of Ukraine. We know the cost of this modernization. And when to us today say that will give on it about 3 billion UAH, it is simply ridiculous. On the other hand, the Prime minister asked one hand of 5 billion for Russia, and Russia was ready to provide these means without any conditions, and right there we pushed away the strategic partner the agreement signed in Europe. Result - Russia interrupted consultations on this matter.It is the thought-over policy, or desire once again to someone to be pleasant in Brussels?

Why we so long extended shipbuilding that, since 2005-го year, finally to ruin it? Why Poles, joining WTO, set a severe condition: we have special economic zones, there are contracts, and we for 8 years prolong all this. We, without having joined yet WTO, at once liquidated economic conditions for shipbuilding development. Already were both orders, and the investors, ready to work by certain rules. And that Ukraine achieved it? The boom in the world market of shipbuilding which began just in 2005, passed by our country, we dropped out, we became uninteresting. And on this background there comes to Nikolaev the prime minister and tells that she will get a star from the sky and will give us. Now I departed to Japan. That did it don't take with herself materials on construction of the bypass bridge round Nikolaev on which so promised to strive here? In due time our project removed for the sake of reconstruction of Borispol. And what occurred in 5 years? In Borispol it is constructed nothing and won't be under construction according to that project, the Japanese credit of 5 years wasn't utilized. And we here, in Nikolaev, lost these five years. All my addresses concerning need of construction of the bridge came to an end with formal replies. In the same time I read the message from the newly made deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Zadyrko how well they together with the Minister of Transport solve problems of nikolayevets. I understand that Genya it is necessary to be untwisted - him выперли from Donetsk region, to him it is necessary where - that to be attached. Well, my dear, solve though it together with the Zabzalyuk. Go to the Spinning top, knock a fist, depart together with it to Japan. Make though something. Remain there, starve, but achieve though any motion...

Why we, including I personally, so painfully perceive the events? Because being the head of area since 1992 I well I know crisis problems. We were scratched from it 10 years, from 1992 to 2002. These untalented persons in four years cast into us in more cruel crisis, with the worst conditions for possible maneuvering. Then we had 4 banks, the banking system was simpler to be restored. Today in the country of 190 banks in which 39% are a foreign capital. These are the largest banks which we aren't able to influence. Whom do they rescue? The parent structures which are located abroad, instead of branches which are here, in Ukraine.How to find with them a common language?

And after all it was possible to regulate and situation with the credits, and a situation with import. We found in due time solutions. But for this purpose it is necessary that the Ministry of Economics and National Bank normally worked. All events today - from lack of talent of people who undertook to run state economy. Not only that these people are dull, they also constantly distract on fight for future power. I ask a question: why it to you, children? Already after all all ruined, there is nothing to tear.

Today say that any new politicians, new political forces have to come, Yatsenyuk is strenuously untwisted. But from anything anything also it turns out. People who understand responsibility for each present and future step have to come to the power.

Therefore the logic of actions of our party and our party organization is in area that we speak to this power and this government: you can't make anything - leave, don't torment the people.

And people shouldn't be passive. Look, in Lithuania and Latvia, European already the states, in response to increase of taxes the people took to the streets and meetings of a protest showed the disagreement with government actions. And the power understood that the people don't support it, and left, new people came to its place. We have all trouble that the economy structure through property structure sharply changed. Now at us the main part of economy is made by the non-state enterprises. Respectively, neither labor collectives, nor labor unions aren't torn to keep production. Remember, what meetings organized labor unions of shipbuilders, teachers, medics in Nikolaev. They forced the power to solve branch problems. Today labor unions - as mice. Having sold out the part of property, have the workplaces and speak: we now in anything don't interfere. And who will interfere? People are now separate, and the power, any power, always uses separation of people.

Therefore the only exit - in the fastest change of the power, in simultaneous presidential and parliamentary elections. Not important, according to what lists will pass elections. All after all understand that on open lists all parties will suffer. The party on each district needs to light specific people. And nobody wants to take fools. But on this background talkers, people who can promise not the world, and about seven boxes can jump out again.Perhaps they will have less financial resource because crisis, - and thank God, there is nothing buckwheat will distribute.

- When simultaneous presidential and parliamentary elections can take place?

Under the Constitution (because we shouldn't be beyond the constitutional field that us accused that we want to bring to the country an order unconstitutional methods, and we don't want neither revolutions, nor political expediency), and in the Constitution it is told that presidential elections take place on November 5. Anywhere on it is written that has to be if its inauguration took place then - how anywhere it is told nothing about the third or fourth round of elections. Therefore we have to arrive according to the Constitution. And if at us everyone interprets the Constitution on - to the, there is the only decision - the appeal to the Constitutional Court which only has appropriate authority. Making a start from the decision of the Constitutional Court elections have to be appointed and held. The president has to obey to this decision. And at the same time with presidential election the extraordinary parliamentary have to take place. It doesn't mean - to dismiss parliament. The parliament will work, no gap will exist. We and money will save, and we will carry out power updating without which the country won't stand. If such decision is made, in May election campaign can start.

And need for simultaneous elections and in local councils isn't present?

No, personally I consider that it isn't necessary, these are different branches of the power, they solve different problems. Local governments are elected on a lawful basis and unlike the president and the Verkhovna Rada don't violate the law. They work rigidly within the law on local government. They are efficient, and the bases for their early elections aren't present.

But if early elections in parliament take place, arrangement of political forces won't reflect in local authorities any more, won't correspond to a political choice of society.

It will be, it is inevitable. But if we want that local governments were really independent, the new Supreme Council together with the new president have to change an electoral system, make changes to the law on local government, to the Constitution to give real opportunity to elect local councils on a new legal basis that they had other powers.If to hold elections in local councils on former conditions, we again will receive a diarchy: in councils - one, and executive power represent others.

It won't result in stability. In what problem? Today exists, especially in power structures, opposition the East - the West. Also the situation if the local government becomes completely independent is quite real, we can receive local authorities which won't want to submit "not to that" to the president. It needs to be provided, and without haste, without suppression to secure the country against such scenario of succession of events. Therefore I consider that if there are at local councils one and a half more - two years of powers, this time needs to be used to bring an order in relationship "region" - "the central power". And only having made it, to start questions it is administrative - territorial reform.


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