"I can tell very roughly, but I won't do it …" … Yanukovych told and continued: "I, as they say, for someone won't wipe a snivel here"

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Announced the Party of Regions began "spring approach" to the power on Thursday with Simferopol. Thus the worst base to start this operation, perhaps, was not to find. Not only that the PR Crimean organization here is split some months into two contradictory camps, so also the Crimea - one of the few regions where almost undividedly govern "is white - blue" and, therefore, they also bear responsibility for actions of the power which the leader so selflessly criticizes them.

Victor Yanukovych by tradition began the visit to Simferopol with visit local cathedral Sacredly - Peter and Paul Cathedral where diligent I prayed and put a candle. As the leader of PR admitted to journalists later, he asked from God of wellbeing for inhabitants of the Crimea. "I always when I come to any region, as a rule, come to a cathedral, I put a candle for wellbeing of this region and for wellbeing of people", - Yanukovych reported. But, clearly, on Vsevyshengo hope, and itself not плошай: all day Yanukovych and members arrived together with it "amusing Cabinet of Ministers" tried to convince public that they should come to the power as all problems of the country will be resolved then its present troubles will be remembered as a bad dream.

"I am sure that today the main thing is a need urgently to replace this power, - Yanukovych, declaredopening exit meeting the oppositional government. That fact that the protest stocks "regionals" decided to begin in the Crimea, Yanukovych explained very peculiar."Having looked at consequences of destructive policy which the power pursues for four years (especially - the last one and a half years), we understand that the Crimea is one of regions, the most affected by crisis, - he explained, addressing, including to the Crimean members of the same party which all these 4 years just and corrected undividedly an autonomy. - If to look at average macroeconomic values across Ukraine for this year, such indicator, as a rate of inflation, in the Crimea above, than where - or in the country … I can tell that the irresponsible policy of the power increased by various adventurous decisions on many aspects" is the reasons of it.

The thought of need of immediate resignation of the President and the government of Ukraine in various variations repeated and on short meeting, taken place later in the center of Simferopol. "The main thing that we have to make, is to find ways in the nearest future to dismiss the present power. We can't suffer a year more. In a year and the stone doesn't remain in our country", - Yanukovych Crimean симпатикам which, contrary to being expected 15 thousand, came time to three less declared. Thus the leader of PR expressed confidence of that, the Ukrainian people which over 80%, according to its data, don't trust the present power, will help it to make it. "And the Party of Regions as always will be in vanguard. We combated this power in 2004, and all next years, and we will make everything that it left, and forever freed the country", - Yanukovych promised.

The leader of PR continued to perfect the revolutionary rhetoric at all-Crimean meeting of deputies of councils of all levels from Party of Regions. Communicating with the members of the same party, Yanukovych periodically asked rhetorical questions to a hall that reminded dialogue of the rural teacher with obedient pupils or Chernovetsky's performances before crowd of the fans. "A normal situation in the country? ", - Victor Fedorovich asked the gathered. "Neeeet! ", - the hall amicably answered. "I too think that isn't present", - Victor Fedorovich with satisfaction summarized. Or: "I think that the Ukrainian people will support us. How you consider? ". The hall roughly applauded …

Certainly, the unknown hitherto a position of head of PR concerning the conflict in the Crimean Communist Party organization which, as we know, was divided into two contradictory camps - supporters of its chairman, нардепа Vasily Kiselyov and симпатиков the head of parliament of an autonomy Anatoly Gritsenko was one of the main intrigues of this day.As expected, Yanukovych took a position "over fight", having tried to distribute punches equally to both conflicting parties. However at being present at a hall nevertheless there was an impression that Kiselyov's arguments were closer to the leader of PR. Such conclusion could be drawn after Yanukovych in a peracute form publicly besieged the Crimean speaker. When Gritsenko, having climbed up a tribune, I began to read the long and tiresome paper about socially - economic progress of the Crimean power that didn't match at all oppositional rhetoric of the party leader, Victor Fedorovich, some time with enthusiasm getting acquainted with any documents, suddenly removed from himself points and interrupted the speaker. "It is interesting to listen to it or not? ", - the leader of PR asked, again addressing to a hall. From public at the same time reached both firm "no", and shy "yes". "To whom it is interesting? - I repeated a question Yanukovych why - that mischievously smiling. - To whom it isn't interesting - raise hands".

Having convinced of that wishing to listen to dry figures not so much, Victor Fedorovich addressed to the Crimean speaker. "Anatoly Pavlovich if at you everything is good, you live in such beautiful country, in the certain country, in the country, you understand, so then to you on the way with "orange", - Yanukovych told, than caused a storm of applause in a hall. - We not live in such beautiful country as they draw it. We already don't trust long ago in fairy tales, you understand? ".

Much confused Gritsenko put aside the printed report and inertly tried to cajole the party chief. "Dear Victor Fedorovich, I in brief wanted to show in these figures that deputies, the government of ARC did and does everything in order that the party program of regions was carried out, and we do everything to lift authority of Party of Regions", - the Crimean speaker told and, having raised the voice, added: "I want to support your thought of need of the fastest early termination of powers and the President of Ukraine, and the Cabinet of Ukraine. And in it there is no doubt, and all support your initiative of this question". "And you in vain say that to me on the way with this management. We supported you, we support and we will support", - Gritsenko who has turned black by the person finished the speech, than raised a pleased smile at Yanukovych. Nevertheless, it seemed to the leader of PR of it a little, and it continued obstruction of the member of the same party. "I very often reflect when I listen to our heads of our state, - Victor Fedorovich told.- I reflect when they act - about what country they speak because when you listen to them, there is an impression that they from the Moon fell down. Therefore it is necessary for us, for us, as they say, it is now very important that we didn't give the chance to them to destroy finally the country". "Victor Fedorovich, you didn't allow me to finish speaking. I just wanted to return to it that the Party of Regions will suffice to sit in opposition, and it is necessary to go to the power and to solve these problems! ", - I told in reply to obviously offended by Gritsenko's tone and a fast pace I left a tribune, wiping the sweated forehead.

The opponent of the Crimean speaker Kiselyov in the report preferred not to touch upon a sore subject of the inner-party conflict and, on the contrary, several times called "regionals" of an autonomy for unity and dialogue. "It is necessary to understand that sufficed both mind, and a step to sit down and solve a problem, without leading up before that it was split by the leader. And as it can split - all of you know. I already too know", - the head of the Crimean Communist Party organization told, than caused laughter in a hall. Kiselyov hoped that "regionals" of an autonomy will go to upcoming elections the closed ranks. "It is necessary for us that at an election of the president of Ukraine this time anybody, any court, any Maydana didn't curtail us from this way. And Victor Yanukovych has to be a president! ", - he concluded.

Despite a peaceful spirit which Gritsenko and Kiselyov showed in the presence of the party leader, their members of the same party below nevertheless didn't resist by a rank temptation to complain at each other to Yanukovych. Victor Fedorovich's followed reaction was sharp. "I can tell very roughly, but I won't do it, - he told. - I, as they say, for someone won't wipe a snivel here, and not for this purpose I arrived that you understood. I the last time warned both Kiselyov, and Anatoly Pavlovich. Won't bring an order - let expostulate then on itself. Both of them well know. Sentimental conversations I carried out already enough". After that Yanukovych made characteristic gesture by two fingers of the left hand, as though cutting off that usually disturbs the foul dancer, and threatened: "Here and so I will make, and everything, and on it will end! ".

Finishing meeting, the leader of PR once again returned to a subject of the inner-party conflict, having urged the Crimean Party members to stop intrigues. "If courage suffices, will power, reason, conscience I urge heads to stop here these all conflicts, - he told, addressing to Kiselyov and Gritsenko. - Otherwise you will suffer first of all.And the decision will be made radical that you knew. There will be no middle. Stop and, as they say, show that you are the real men".

In completion of visit to Simferopol Yanukovych, acting on air of State broadcasting company "Crimea", I declared that now the Party of Regions is mobilized more than ever. "We have no splits, we have no contradictions", - he as though convincing and itself told. Thus Yanukovych noted that in such large party as PR, can't "be silent all - silently or шито - is covered". "And in general - that we at all don't set such purpose", - main "regional" added.


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