In Nikolaev passed meeting of Party of Regions and the left forces for resignation of the President, the Verkhovna Rada and Cabinet of Ministers

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Today, on March 27, Party of Regions, communists, socialists and vitrenkovets collected meeting on Lenin Square. Some hundred people passed with flags along Soviet to Admiral's. The main idea of meeting - resignation of the President and early elections of the head of state and the Verkhovna Rada.

Before the gathered the People's Deputy of Ukraine spoke on behalf of Communist party Vladimir Matveev which the vlastyimushchikh stated discontent with work, and, respectively, and the, after all he is the People's Deputy. Vladimir Matveev supported idea of early elections (actually I called: "down with me from the Verkhovna Rada! ") also I told that "it is necessary to take the power in hand".

Vladimir Matveev

The People's Deputy of Ukraine Nikolay Kruglov, the head of the regional organization of Party of Regions, scarified actions of Cabinet of Ministers.
- Everything that was reached till 2004 - leveled, - he told. (By the way that was reached till 2004 - also journalists for whom the vlastyimushchy were prepared by "temnik" perfectly remember: it is necessary what to write, and that it is impossible). - In 2000 we left crisis, but in 2005 the new power came. Today the coalition can't replace the ministers at all. The present power degraded. Clever people didn't remain.

Two last phrases, probably, concern and to the previous speaker - as to the representative of the present power.

Nikolay Kruglov

The regionalka Tatyana Demchenko acted as well the head of the Nikolaev regional council:
- In two months the level of production of an industrial output in area decreased by 25 percent. Promises which the prime minister - the minister made in the summer (before crisis - a bus), and remained promises. I addressed to Cabinet of Ministers with the offer urgently to change a situation. Today any kopek it isn't allocated from the state budget on agrarian - an industrial complex. Yes, to me can "throw" that I too - the authority. But not a secret that the regional and regional are glad have no executive committees, and it is difficult to us to demand from executive power of actions. Constantly unemployment rate grows.Today in the Nikolaev area of 30 thousand unemployed. It is twice more in comparison with the summer period. The total debt on a salary makes 30 million hryvnias, - the head of a regional council complains of a lawlessness in area. - I call you, let's tell together "no" the authorities.

Tatyana Demchenko

Yesterday deputies of regional council demanded resignation of Cabinet of Ministers and the Verkhovna Rada. Why - that in the ardent speech Tatyana Vasilyevna didn't mention that, how many money the farm of her husband received. The deputy conducting meeting - the regional V. Rukomanov from a scene chanted: "You give an order! You give worthy life! To any friends - геть! ".

P.S. really, regionals together with the left could bring together many people on Lenin Square. By approximate calculations on meeting there were more than 2,5 thousand people. But how many actually divide requirements sounded on meeting - it isn't known, after all it is possible to notice that among present there were many students whom dressed up in blue capes and handed over in hands flags. There are very big doubts that young people elicited these attributes. Most likely them in something "interested". Still, after all there would be no flags - there would be no such bright action also.

On meeting brought people from regions of the Nikolaev area

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