To Germans showed Kislinsky's movie about gloomy Yushchenko in Horuzhevke

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For the first time I passed a festival of the Ukrainian cinema in Germany. "The Ukrainian film foundation" began display of domestic movies with the West German Cologne. Will pass action also in Wiesbaden and Munich.

Action took place in the Cologne Filmhaus'e - the most known movie theater in the region where the alternative cinema is shown. Organizers of show and members of the Ukrainian film delegation were pleased by that fact that guests of a cinema hall became not only the Ukrainians living in vicinities of Cologne, but also the ethnic Germans, come to learn that such "Ukrainian" cinema.

… Separately from the festival program in Cologne showed the documentary film about the Holodomor "Live", removed with the assistance of the deputy head of the secretariat of the president of Ukraine Andrey Kislinsky (that which regularly accuses Yulia Timoshenko of change the Homeland and criminal communications with the Kremlin) and the head of the supervisory board of Children's Hospital of the Future charity foundation Andrey Miroshnichenko, designated in credits as "supervisors". Victor Yushchenko acted in this movie - at the beginning of a tape he wanders about a neighborhood of the native village of Horuzhevk, and gloomy remembers: "Here half-villages if they got up are buried, could tell". The movie is constructed on materials of the British journalist Gareth Jones who in 1932-1933 personally observed hunger in Ukraine, and also on the memoirs of witnesses of the hunger which have lived up to now.


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