Nikolayenko picked up to himself the company not better than Moroz

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Having headed the Kherson regional committee of Socialist party, Stanislav Nikolayenko began at once active preparation for the SPU All-Ukrainian conference which, according to his numerous statements, has to take place on April 4.

While in the conference agenda three questions, the most concrete of them can consider an appeal to association of left-wing parties. "We will invite to conference all left forces to unite for crisis overcoming. Invitations are already printed, and we will direct them Natalya Vitrenko (the leader of Progressive socialist party), to Pyotr Simonenko (the leader of Communist Party), Yury Zagorodnem (the leader of SDPU(O)) and Vasily Volge (the party leader "Union of the Left Forces")", - mister Nikolayenko told.

- I heard that Nikolayenko broke away from Moroz, but yet I don't know, on what principles. I don't exclude that in SPU there was a healthy kernel which understands problems of the left movement and prospect of rescue of Ukraine, - madam Vitrenko declared yesterday, having noted that plans to be present at conference.

However, it is possible to assume that the inner-party conflict becomes the main issue of conference. According to Stanislav Nikolayenko, it will be offered to members of SPU to discuss two options of further succession of events in party and to support one of them: - everything to leave the first as before, and second - to urge party leadership "to carry out extraordinary congress at which offers on party updating" will be considered. And if the majority of members of SPU supports the second option, the party leadership will be given about two weeks "on reflection". If mister Moroz ignores requirements of members of SPU among which - to enshrine the right to hold a post of the chairman of the party no more than two terms in a row in SPU charter, to replace heads of the regional committees which haven't proved during election campaign, the third option - part of the socialists supporting the SPU updating can be realized, will declare a desertion of the party and will be engaged in creation of new political force.

- All these actions - at best pathetic attempts to draw attention to the person. That he headed something or any party action convokes all these loud statements... This pathetic show.It is a pity that it finishes the career in SPU quite so, - the secretary of political council of SPU Yaroslav Mendus declared.

- You plan to take part in the SPU All-Ukrainian conference initiated by Stanislav Nikolayenko? - the correspondent "the Kommersant - Ukraine" at the leader of SPU Alexander Moroz took an interest yesterday.

- I don't know that this such, - was declared by mister Moroz. - The party has a charter which assumes an order of formation of different structures, the organizations of conferences. The political council about it didn't make any decisions. Therefore, naturally, I on this action won't be.

According to mister Moroz, the only official action in the party, for April 4, exit enlarged meeting of political executive committee which will take place in Vinnytsia will be planned.


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