Yushchenko gave "WELL - NANOSECOND" installation on Tymoshenko's support

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It was declared by the deputy head of the secretariat of president - the representative of the president in the Verkhovna Rada Igor Popov, reports a press - service of the president.

"One of the main tasks which the president sets in work with parliament, is a support by WELL-NANOSECOND fraction of bills of an anti-recessionary package which are planned to consideration at the beginning of plenary week", - he told.

Popov reported that the president is guided by that now consolidation of the power is extremely necessary for adoption of the vital economic laws from which, including, renewal of cooperation with the International Monetary Fund and receiving the second tranche of the credit of fund depends.

Popov specified that it is a question of vote by fraction for bills which provide increase of excises on tobacco products, liqueur - vodka production and changes in the law "About Pension Insurance".

Rather governmental bill of modification of the state budget, the president considers that by the relevant bill cosmetic changes have to be brought in the state budget cardinal, instead of.

It, on belief of the head of state, it is possible to make only on the basis of exact indicators of economic development and indicators of implementation of the budget following the results of the first quarter.

The president Victor Yushchenko is sure that the WELL-NANOSECOND block fraction in the Verkhovna Rada will support bills of an anti-recessionary package.


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