Club of the political drama and comedy: 21 unknown truths about V. Chaika

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  1. The competition "Mayor Universe" don't hold because all know that it will be won by Chaika.
  2. Each nikolayevets knows that Chaika always tells the truth. Everything that Chaika speaks, becomes the truth in one of realities.
  3. Vladimir Chaika's modesty replaces to Nikolaev gold reserves.
  4. Savik Shuster on a lap begs every Friday Chaika to take part in the show.
  5. Chaika's warm heart warms every second battery in the Nikolaev apartments from December to February.
  6. When Putin disconnected gas, the Nikolaev gas pipeline was connected directly to Vladimir Chaika's organism.
  7. When Leonid Chernovetsky was small, he dreamed of Vladimir Chaika's space space suit.
  8. In the mornings Vladimir Chaika instead of teeth, cleans the city collecting pipe.
  9. One handshake of Chaika does the person richer in one thousand hryvnias. Therefore Chaika shakes in day hundred hands, and for Easter and Christmas - one thousand.
  10. Any plan accepted by Chaika, automatically becomes general.
  11. The prostitute who three times has given the vote to Vladimir Chaika, became a virgin.
  12. The broken asphalt on which there passed Chaika, becomes paving slabs in 48 hours.
  13. Yury Luzhkov in the will presented Moscow to Vladimir Chaika.
  14. The car in which Chaika goes, develops not carbon dioxide, and ozone.
  15. At the person, trying to bribe Vladimir Chaika, hands withered.
  16. Regular listening of songs performed by Vladimir Chaika relieves of the excess weight and cellulitis.
  17. Vladimir Chaika has no housemaid because Yulia Timoshenko works as the prime minister.
  18. Akhmetov and Pinchuk billionaires were made by Vladimir Chaika.
  19. The photo of the Seagull in the mobile phone protects from listening, and on a computer desktop - from hackers and spam.
  20. The Ukrainian scientists established that Vladimir Chaika was the first mayor Tripolya.
  21. The community led by Chaika - is boundless.

Ivan Zhukov, Club of the political drama and comedy


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