Nikolayevshchina – the strongest chess region

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The final part of the championship of Ukraine among young men and girls age till 16 years which came to the end in Odessa, became the real triumph of the Nikolaev school of chess. Her representatives received "gold" in both tournaments, after all after Anastasia Rakhmangulova Dmitry Danilenko became the champion of Ukraine also.

The Nikolaev candidate for the master of sports very strongly carried out the second part of competitions, and after a victory over a rating - the favourite of the Ukrainian superiority - the master of sports from Odessa Stanislav Bogdanovich - Danilenko already was not to stop. The general success of nikolayevets was recorded after a draw in the last round in game white against the candidate for the master of sports from the Luhansk region Taron Shagbazyan. As two other applicants for a title - the mentioned Bogdanovich, and also the Kherson candidate for the master of sports Ruslan Kurayan - the parties too finished the world, the "pure" first place was received by Danilenko.

Total position of participants of youthful superiority of Ukraine-2009:

1. Dmitry Danilenko (the candidate for the master of sports (кмс), the Nikolaev Region) - 8 points from 11 possible.
2. Stanislav Bogdanovich (the master of sports, the Odessa Region) - 7,5.
3. Ruslan Kurayan (кмс, the Kherson Region) - 7.
4. Vitaly Bernadsky (кмс, the Chernovitsky Region) - 6,5.
5. Mark Tsirulnik (кмс, Dnepropetrovsk the Region) - 5,5.
6-8. Bogdan Butchak (1-and the category, Dnepropetrovsk the Region), Anton Volovikov (кмс, Donetsk the Region) and Taron Shagbazyan (Lugansk the Region) - on 5.
9-11. Leonid Starozhilov (кмс, the Kherson Region), Emil Mirzoyev (кмс, the Odessa Region) and Victor Sklyarov (кмс, the Kherson Region) - on 4,5.
12. Sergey Naboka (кмс, the Poltava Region) - 3 points.
In parallel competition of girls in the last day it was necessary to find out first of all names of silver and bronze prize-winners.Having received a strong-willed victory black over the candidate for the master of sports from Kiev Irina Petrovoyu, the "pure" second place (after the early winner of competitions Anastasia Rakhmangulova) was divided at once by three chess players, and only on additional as indicators her sovereign was recognized one more candidate for the master of sports - Elena Vasina from Volhynia.
Total position of participants of maiden superiority of Ukraine-2009:
1. Anasatsiya Rakhmangulova (кмс, the Nikolaev Region) - 9 points from 11 possible.
2. Julia Schweiger (кмс, the Vinnytsia Region) - 8.
3-5. Elena Vasina (кмс, the Volynsk Region), Olga Ivanenko (кмс, the Nikolaev Region) and Anastasia Kolba (кмс, the Ternopol Region) - on 7,5.
6. Ekaterina Krasyuk (кмс, Donetsk the Region) - 6,5.
7. Irina Petrova (кмс, Kiev) - 6.
8. Elena Yashchenko (1-and the category, Kiev) - 4,5.
9. Polina Usoltseva (1-and the category, the Odessa Region) - 3,5.
10. Maria Gonchar (кмс, Kiev) - 3.
11. Alina Engel (1-and the category, the Nikolaev Region) - 2.
12. Anastasia Antoshkiv (1-and the category, the Ternopol Region) - 1 point.


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