Engines of the Nikolaev enterprise "Zorya" - "Mashproyekt will complete the Chinese aircraft carriers

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China can choose gas-turbine engines of the Ukrainian production for construction of the first national aircraft carriers. About it according to information from a source in ship-building branch of Ukraine reports Kanwa Daily News. Earlier Ukrainian engines were already used in a design Chinese voyenno - sea equipment. In particular, DA80/DN80 engines (export UGT-25000 options)Nikolaevthe Zorya enterprises - "Mashproyekt" are equipped class Guangzhou and Luyang II destroyers.

We will remind that the situation at this enterprise remains difficult - for the end of December of last year 344 workers were notified on possible reduction, 127 are already dismissed. At the beginning of December the quantity of the dismissed made 7 people.

However, despite difficulties, GP "Zorya — Mashproyekt" plans to increase volumes of realization of the production in 2009 more than by 500 million UAH. in comparison with 2008 (to 1,8 billion UAH). But problems with gas, suppliers and the equipment can prevent it. The enterprise consumes considerable amount of gas, uses it for test of turbines. Will cost how many this gas in connection with a collapse of the Russian and Ukrainian currencies, and how steadily it will arrive, it isn't known. Besides, the equipment at plant is worn-out. But for its modernization in 2009 plan to spend 50 million UAH

Officially about plans for construction of aircraft carriers for It is national - a liberation army of China Beijing declared in December, 2008. Earlier Chinese denied information appearing in the press. At the end of March, 2009 it was declared also by the Minister of Defence of the country Liang Guanglie. Now, as consider in defensive department of China, the fleet of the country is insufficiently strong and needs the ships of such class. The aircraft carrier has to become "a symbol of force of the nation and competitiveness of fleet".

Nevertheless, official information on an occasion of what aircraft carriers China and when these ships will be entered into fighting structure of fleet while isn't present is going to build. According to one data, by 2015 China intends to construct the two first an aircraft carrier of middle class with the displacement of 50-60 thousand tons of c non-nuclear power plants.

According to the last message Associated Press, Chinese plan to finish construction of an aircraft carrier with the displacement of 48 thousand tons with the ordinary power plant in 2010, and by 2020 also to take of the nuclear ship with the displacement of 93 thousand tons advantage. Besides, Chinese work over creation of deck warplanes which could be based on new aircraft carriers. They are created on the basis of the Russian SU-33.

Earlier Ukraine already sold to China the aircraft carrying cruiser "Varangian" of the Soviet production. According to the press, Beijing intends to restore this ship to use it for training of pilots of deck aircraft. Kiev also delivered to Chinese the T10K plane which has remained from the Soviet army which is a prototype of the deck fighter of SU-33. According to experts, it is necessary for Beijing to study a design of a developing wing, a landing brake and other systems of the deck plane.


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