Yushchenko transferred to Rada the new Constitution: BP becomes National assembly

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The president Victor Yushchenko transferred the project of changes to the Constitution in parliament.

About it he told during the annual message about domestic and external situation of Ukraine in the Verkhovna Rada, having urged deputies to support these changes.

According to the project, according to Yushchenko, Ukraine has to pass to creation of a two-chamber parliament with simultaneous reduction of total number of deputies.

"The majority of the countries of the European continent, being unitary, have a two-chamber parliament. The parliament of the European sample - National assembly which will combine political and territorial representation" is necessary to the state, - he declared.

According to Yushchenko's project, the lower house of parliament - the Chamber of Deputies - "being chosen a way of direct elections on proportional system, is body of political representation of the people".

Except legislative function, responsibility for formation of the government and control of its activity is conferred on the lower house of parliament.

"I am convinced that the government shouldn't be formed without program of its activity. Inability to appoint the government and to approve its program has a consequence dissolution of the lower house of parliament and early elections Only chambers, instead of all parliament which keeps the capacity in any conditions", - Yushchenko emphasized.

The upper house of parliament, according to Yushchenko's changes, has to be chosen direct elections on majority system and represent a community and regions.

"She has to assume powers of personnel appointments which aren't governmental, and also approval of all decisions of the president in the defense and safety sphere. The equal representation in the Senate of all regions - on 3 senators from each area - will act as a unifying factor", - Yushchenko declared.

"We will balance and we stabilize the power, we will expand representative democracy, we will strengthen processes of decentralization and we will improve quality of legislative process", - he is convinced.

Speaking about powers of the president, according to the offered changes, he noted that it is necessary to keep "the national, direct representative mandate of the head of the Ukrainian state".

"To it there corresponds the constitutional status of the guarantor of the sovereignty, safety and territorial integrity of Ukraine. Task of the president - at interaction with the upper house of parliament to guarantee the constitutional stability of the state", - Yushchenko told.

The cabinet, on belief of the president, "has to receive independence".

"The government has to be responsible for providing foreign and domestic policy. The dualism of executive power has to be overcome at last. I support rapprochement of a parliamentary way of formation of the government... The government needs to be formed of one source", - he declared.

Besides, according to the president, a necessary component of the constitutional reform is "real providing local government".

"The community has to become a basis of local government... Time came to make the decision on creation of representative bodies - regional, regional councils of the executive bodies and granting appropriate authority to them", - he told.

Executive committees of councils, for Yushchenko's belief, have to be responsible for a state of affairs in the region, to be accountable to deputies of representative bodies of local government and before people.

"At this level divisions of territorial bodies of the central executive authorities have to be created. Existing public administrations have to be brought out of system of executive power and turn into effective instruments of control of observance of the Constitution, laws, the rights and freedoms", - he declared.


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