Yatsenyuk: We and can't cope with one "chamber"

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The deputy of WELL-NANOSECOND fraction Arseniy Yatsenyuk considers that introduction of a two-chamber parliament only will complicate legislative activity in Ukraine.

He told about it in interview to journalists, making comments relevant initiative of the president.

According to Yatsenyuk, in case of division of parliament into two chambers the president anyway has all control functions which the second chamber has to assume.

"Say that the representation of local (authorities) but if we change an election system to open lists is necessary, we already have the actual representation in one chamber of parliament", - he noted.

Responding to the remark that in that case the president can shift the functions concerning application of the veto on the upper house, having opposed the upper house bottom, Yatsenyuk told: "Yes, it is such peculiar filter".

"In today's system of political coordinates of Ukraine it only will complicate lawmaking process. Now actually, the head of state is final instance. It can return the law to parliament, agree with parliament - therefore now I don't see such need (introduction of a two-chamber parliament)", - Yatsenyuk declared.

"It is unnatural for Ukraine as we and can't cope with one sense", - he told.


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