Effective use of budget money in 2008 will help nikolayevets in hard 2009 - m

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"We for all history had no such budget", - so commented on the city budget of Nikolaev for 2008 the deputy of the City Council from BYuT fraction Sergey Taranenko. The budget of last year made 971 million hryvnias. The general fund was increased last year by 61 million 60 thousand due to receipts: on 40 million 300 thousand from taxes on the income of natural persons (all working citizens), on 19 million 400 - at the expense of the income from rent of the city earth, on 2 million 100 thousand - due to rent of property and on 2 million 600 thousand - at the expense of a uniform tax on businessmen.

- There were periods when on city accounts there was "free" money, - казал Sergey Taranenko. - We put this money for the deposit in bank that in addition brought in the city budget of 5 million 300 thousand hryvnias.

Thanks to considerable receipts it was succeeded to strengthen account part of the budget.

- More than ever earlier, 13 million were allocated for the health care sphere last year. On this money the equipment in hospitals was bought: the tomograph in the fourth hospital for 3 million 700 thousand hryvnias, a X-ray in the same hospital for 1 million 100 thousand, quickly - mobile x-ray system in BSMP for 1 million, the diagnostic scanner for the second maternity hospital for 700 thousand. In education more than 20 million spent for capital repairs of schools. This year, unfortunately, at us it isn't planned for these purposes kopeks. But last year we spent 11 million for repairs of roofs. Practically at all 67 city schools repair of a roofing covering was made. 5,6 million were spent for repair of buildings of schools.

In the sphere of housing and communal services from 98 in addition allocated 12,7 million millions it was spent for capital repairs of housing facilities.

If usually the budget of development of Nikolaev didn't exceed 10 million hryvnias, last year it made 60 million. From them 26 million were spent for construction municipal коллегиума, on 5,3 million got three trams.

According to Sergey Taranenko, it was much allocated for social protection of nikolayevets - 185 million. And on the sphere of physical culture and sports which traditionally finance by the residual principle, in 2008 19 million were allocated. From them 1 million 200 thousand were spent on financially - technical base.


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