Administratively - the territorial device of Ukraine can change?

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The Minister of Regional Development and constructions Vasily Kuybida held working meeting on discussion of the draft of the Concept of reform administratively - the territorial device of Ukraine. Part in discussion was taken by representatives of areas of Ukraine.

As reports a press - Ministry service, the draft of the mentioned document developed in Minregionstroy on implementation of the Concept of the state regional policy and as it is told in the document, for the purpose of optimization administratively - the territorial device of Ukraine and creation on this basis of the effective and responsible public power at all levels.

The concept defines the principles of the organization administratively - the territorial device in Ukraine; typology administratively - territorial units and the requirement to their creation; basic powers of authorities at levels it is administrative - territorial units; the principles and stages administratively - territorial reform.

To the main problems of the modern it is administrative - the territorial device (ATU) developers of the draft of the Concept refer disorder of structure of ATU, lack of regulation of the status of a row existing administratively - territorial units (ATE), lack of uniform system and an order of their reference to the corresponding category, institutional insufficiency of ATE of regional level, excessive differentiation by number of the population and the area between ATE of one level, discrepancy of the status of many ATE to their personnel, resource and institutional capacity, discrepancy of ATU to recommendations to ATE of the European Union, irrational delimitation between separate ATE.

Therefore as it was spoken at meeting, creation of a rational spatial basis of the organization of the public power for ensuring availability and quality of providing social and administrative services, effective use of public resources, abilities adequately to react to social and economic calls has to become the purpose of reform of ATU.

In the Concept it is noted that system of ATU of Ukraine the Crimea, areas, areas, the cities, areas in the cities, settlements and villages make ARE. On their basis ATE of three levels are created:bulks, areas, regions.

The bulk is defined as a basic level of ATU. The area is the ATU subregional level. The ATU regional level in Ukraine is the region.

The document regulates that at making decision on creation of ATE such requirements have to be taken into account: full and exclusive competence of bodies of the public power of one level - local authorities have to be capable in the personnel, infrastructure, financial plan to carry out the powers defined behind an appropriate level of ATE; the territory of ATE is indissoluble, in its limits there can't be other ATE of the same level, there can't be enclaves and exclaves; low level of a rotatsionnost of local budgets; resistance to political, demographic, economic calls, lack of internal factors of own disorganization, etc.

According to the Minister V. Kuybida, when carrying out it is administrative - territorial reform borders of areas won't change, it isn't supposed to break off existing village councils.


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