Shipbuilding: genocide of the Ukrainian shipyards

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Accepted in 2008 the National Security and Defense Council decision, the decree of the President and the subsequent government resolutions on a situation in ship-building branch gave zero effect. Lack of privileges and financial crisis will lead to that from an Ukraine map some shipbuilding plants will be gone in the near future.

At the end of passed year when officials in large quantities started "riveting" laws on support of various branches of real sector of economy, was accepted a number of measures and for shipbuilding. So, the release provided by the law from duties the equipment and accessories to it which aren't made in Ukraine, and also norms on depreciation of fixed assets and acceleration of compensation of the VAT, will allow to reduce the prices of end products, to stabilize a financial position of the enterprises of branch.

Nevertheless, some it any more won't help plants. For example, "The Lenin smithy" Pyotr Poroshenko is the way out, as shipyard. At the enterprise collect tractors, and owners are anxious with creation questions on the main platform on the Rybalsky island торгово - an entertainment complex "Kiev City".

Losses "shipbuilding company "More" in January - June, 2008 were reduced by Feodosiyska by 13 times in comparison with the similar period of 2007 - to 4,75 million UAH. Net income for this period grew by 80% - to 4,85 million UAH. However as a whole the production and financial position of FGC remains to the hardest. According to FGI, for October 1, 2008 the sum of the current obligations made 270,6 million UAH

Actually the enterprise costs, its main problems remain absence of orders and nearly $7 million a debt to FGC for constructed for Naval Forces of Greece the ship "Bison" which remains more than 5 years in Kerch. There is no financing on the program of construction of patrol boats for the Ukrainian frontier service and Turkmenistan, funds aren't allocated for development of the project and preparation of production of a new high-speed passenger catamaran "Superfoil - 301".

The FGC have no current assets, opportunity receiving the bank credits - zero. We will remind that past year FGI and Ministries of Economics blocked aspiration of ASK "Ukrrechflot" close to Grigorishin about More FGC sanitation.Now the enterprise is in submission of FGI, prospect of its privatization in 2009 without what it isn't possible to improve the situation "Sea", remain foggy. Though "The power standard" as the owner is how effective, it is possible to judge on a situation on "Sevmorzavod".

Nikolaev "Estuary" in November reported that stops construction of two yachts for total amount more than $3,5 million from - for financial crisis. According to the general director of plant Sergey Isakov, one of customers froze the project till the best times, and another ceased to pay. In the II half-year 2009. "Estuary" Kalkan - P" for frontier service with the displacement of 7,86 tons, and parusno - the motor yacht with the displacement of 123 t floated the motor Severina yacht with the displacement of 420 t which cost exceeds $10 million, 2 patrol boats (all them it is constructed already 6) ".

The management of the enterprise relied on construction of yachts, this program was going to advance and the new investor of "Estuary". At the end of the past year owners of plant began to train him for sale of the Avangard Shipyards company registered in Switzerland which got permission of AMK to concentration more than 50% of actions. However in January the management of "Estuary" reported that from - for crisis the investor (as it appeared, having "the Russian roots") postponed the transaction, and it isn't known for what period.

Future owner had to make investments in modernization of plant and introduction of modern technologies. While "Estuary" should escape from crisis due to ship repair (the yacht, the boat, fishery vessels) as the plant has no other orders. Financing of the program of construction of 3 more boats put at plant for frontier guards is suspended.

In rather best situation (in comparison with other plants of branch) there is Konstantin Zhevago's Kerch "Gulf" where it is possible to provide production loading and to keep workplaces. In 2008 the income from realization of the enterprise increased by 46% - to 240,4 million UAH. The output grew by 54,6% - to 260,5 million UAH, including, in shipbuilding - by 1,7 times, to 234,5 million UAH, in ship repair - for 70%, to 15,2 million UAH. Thus the share of export in the total amount of sales made 97%. At the same time, 2008. "Gulf" finished at a loss 87,7 million UAH while for 2007 the profit made 3,8 million UAH.

For today put a portfolio of orders of plant it is estimated more than at €80 million and provides production loading till 2010. "Gulf" reorientation from construction of tankers and container carriers, orders on which wasn't, on the construction of vessels, the oil fields intended for development in the sea, I allowed to expand number of customers. Now the main part of a portfolio is made by orders of the Norwegian Ulstein and the Dutch Damen Shipyards.

Past year "Gulf" by request of the Norwegian company constructed the case of the oil and gas vessel Sarah (€11 million), work on the second such vessel is conducted, and all in this series 4 cases of vessels which after completion will be used by oil and gas corporation of Norway of Statoil-Hydro will be floated.

For Damen the plant to the middle of 2010 intends to construct 7 cases of the Combifreighter container carriers with a loading capacity of 7200 t, the first of them was floated past year. In 2009 on Kerch SZ will be in operation of 13 cases from which previously it is planned to hand over 7. In the future "Gulf" intends to pass to complete construction gradually. The enterprise works at borrowed funds, no problems with crediting has ("Finance and the Credit"), however meets difficulties with mutual settlements with customers and partners.


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