Zhvaniya is afraid that Yushchenko's mentality couldn't sustain burden of glory

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The member of NUNS fraction, the godfather of the president David Zhvaniya considers that Victor Yushchenko was not ready to the power, from - for what their relations deteriorated.

The deputy told about it in interview to the Contracts edition.

I answered a question when their relations with Yushchenko, Zhvaniya deteriorated: "When he started acting not as Victor Andreevich Yushchenko, and as God the president given to the country".

"Probably, its mentality simply didn't sustain glory, probably, it was not ready to the power", - the deputy assumed.

"For example, why was to carry out this epic with Famine-Genocide, the Cossacks, unitary enterprise and other projects, embroiling the nation? Not only that it not at the right time - these issues the president shouldn't deal in principle", - Zhvaniya noted.

"And me it was personally a pity for a downtime. After all I, Immortal, Stetskiv and Filenko began to train people for holding a mass protest action - future orange revolution - in 2001", - the deputy declared.

"Organized summer camp where learned peacefully and without weapon to protest, bought tents, sleeping bags, transport, established scenes", - he explained.

"We gave an impetus to that Maidan which brought Yushchenko to power. It missed the chance to become the historic figure, and from - for it Ukraine lost chance to be the accepted Europe", - Zhvaniya added.

On a question why the secretariat of the president was headed by Victor Baloga though in 2005 Yushchenko was surrounded absolutely by other people, the deputy noticed that "in old team there was no person who would began to do that was ready to do Baloga".

"The presidential environment of that time wasn't ready to sign that signed Baloga, and to carry out at the president his role", - Zhvaniya explained.

"Though I even itself any more don't understand, who main in this tandem. At first the president claimed that Baloga simply plumber, then - that is the best manager", - he added.

On a question why it just now decided to tell about history with Yushchenko's poisoning, Zhvaniya declared that doesn't want to be "the participant of arrangement".

"The history with poisoning went too far. On speculation in this question many became prosecutors, ministers, others broke in parliament", - the deputy noted.

"For example, the present head of MOZ Vasily Knyazevich - the gynecologist by training, appears, knows how to bring dioxine out of an organism of the president. Where he studied it? ", - Zhvaniya asked.

According to the deputy, him yet didn't call on interrogation after statements that poisoning wasn't: "But me there is nothing to ask".

"I already told everything that remembered that scandalous dinner at dacha ex-the vice-chairman of SBU Satsyuk. Giving already all rummaged and almost didn't raze to the ground - new any more you won't find anything", - he explained.


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