As the rabsila wants to shake Odessa led by lyustrator - criminals

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Than softer laws of society, subjects it is more in it rats. After all in wooden houses of rats was more, than in buildings from concrete that send them on change. But and there rats are found. Now ours society it is constructed from reinforced concrete and stainless steel. Cracks became less, and the rat should be resourceful, that them to find. In such conditions only steel rats survive. 

I managed to see certain documents which confirm that fact that some HURRAH - patriots - criminals who were judged more than once. 

So, we involuntarily give in to their opinion and management from their party... 

Recently, I found couple of interesting facts about so-called patriots in the Internet, which really do provocations and a sensation in the city of Odessa. All these pseudo-patriots famous in other paints are covered with various public organizations. Maniacs and thieves fight for the rights of all inhabitants of Odessa. But in too time, roughly call women - passersby, banishing from meetings which "patriots" suit...

 So, on this video it is visible as activists of "Right Sector" at the building the Organized Crime Control Department, banished inhabitants of Odessa - passersby who wanted to understand for what to arrange such aggressive meetings.

I will remind that  The staff of the Organized Crime Control Department near own house I was Vsevolod Goncharevsky is arrested –the foreman of the Maidan self-defense force finishing people on May 2 who jumped out of the burning Trade Unions Building. These actions accurately are recorded on video also are confirmed by stories of many eyewitnesses.

So, among his colleagues Vsevolod's detention caused indignation supposedly the power of the beginning «repressions against patriots» , using methods «criminal regime of Yanukovych». Meeting from 100 people about it ended with anything, except empty statements.

Also, my good acquaintance who is a businessman in the Privoz market told me that Vsevolod is the person involved in one more criminal case.Earlier he threatened the staff of the Odessa customs and extorted money from businessmen of the market «Supply» together with the judged criminal from «Right Sector» Vyacheslav Babeyko.

I witnessed as Maidan protesters as they called themselves, went towards Black Sea hotel where Denis Plaksiyenko, concerning "theft" acted his "foreman" Vsevolod Goncharevsky law enforcement agencies.

So, Denis explained a situation concerning detention of his colleague and gave the floor to Goncharevsky's lawyer. Anything special it wasn't told. In a conference - a hall very different people gathered. Representatives of the different organizations, such as the Civil movement, the Right Sector, Avtomaydan, were also swindlers and simply listeners. 

So, on August 20 after that concourses, activists moved forward to Management on fight against organized crime. Protesters demanded the comment of the chief of the Organized Crime Control Department Oleg Bekhi concerning "plunder" of their colleague and the friend Goncharevsky from management. 

Enough people gathered on meeting. But my look was attracted especially by some persons who were there. These people, once again I will repeat, in my opinion, the rest and safety which weren't wishing to keep in the city. These people, intentionally do such movements which pay attention from the made crimes or crimes which can be made. They hoit to protect the rights of inhabitants of Odessa, thus are rude and expel from meetings of inhabitants of Odessa - passersby who want to understand for what arrange such sensations...

I personally shot the Organized Crime Control Department with the camera of threat of an arson of the building. These people, start meetings which in a consequence can end is deplorable. Shouts, threats of an arson of Molotov cocktails, tires, the phrase to "a moskolyak on a gilyaka" are all extreme provocations.

The greatest temptation of a crime consists counting on impunity... and not in cruelty, and one of the most effective ways to warn crimes consists in Inevitability of punishment.

So, having visited meeting I saw the following interesting things:

Very loudly former "mayoral candidate" Sidorenko shouted in a loud-hailer that all "UBOPOVTSY" criminals who worked at Yanukovych. And after all recently on elections of the mayor it was so torn in leaders and I pulled all blanket on myself.

There was one more mayoral candidate Grigory Grinshpun, but he stood apart silently.

Further Andrey Plaksiyenko, citrus бизнессмэн, driving about around the city on Chevrolet Camaro, which costs about 60 thousand dollars, «protecting» two firms (which fruit imports) I distributed teams to activists and itself actively I participated in provocations.

All of them, activists, allegedly, want Lustration. Bring together people and arrange vanity under a pretext that repressions against "patriots" are carried out.

Also, I managed to see the report from certain activists. Purpose of a note I was to pay public attention, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and SBU to activity of some groups.

We move further. We look for communications.

So, it is known that Vsevolod, threatened the staff of the Odessa customs earlier and extorted money from businessmen of the market «Supply» together with the judged criminal from «Right Sector» Vyacheslav Babeyko. Babeyko's Brothers have certificates from public organization  «Committee on fight against organized crime and corruption» , which Kosarev headed. Also, I was told that one of brothers the offender for rape in the perverted form. Another, judged for theft, and also for a robbery.

Georgy Bloshchitsa
Vyacheslav Babeyko
Alexey Kosarev

It should be noted that Kosarev - "fighter" with corruption who created All-Ukrainian public organization «Committee on fight against organized crime and corruption» , I issued certificates of the committee to very terrible persons. For example, has nobody the citizen MARÍN who is repeatedly judged including for murder. One of police officers reported to me about it. 

It is curious that after arrested Kosarev, the committee was headed by the speculator - the human rights activist Georgy Bloshchitsa who didn't manage to prove yet and it wasn't devoted in the real motives of human rights activity.

We go further.

Also, this acquaintance, told me that "komitetchek" Babeyko's Brothers, previously convicted and Hudiyak are connected as nobody else. It is known that Hudiyak killed people from the machine gun on May 2 and confessed that received the weapon from Babeyko's brothers.

Also, interestingly that, that when in Odessa night club Bellini shot visitors from the machine gun, at arrow  there was a certificate  that Anti-corruption committee.

And so, our fighters for the truth:

 ->Mayoral candidate Sidorenko, in particular, initiator and head so-called public movements "For All Odessa". The former head of SONA the Bolshevik, the active participant of commercial protest actions on the Supply and storm of the city hall. Being covered with a name of the famous public man, takes part in various scandals. It is also known that the activist goes to meetings with children. The animator - the inventor to put it briefly.

Andrey Sidorenko

-> Notorious previously convicted «komitetchek» Babeyko's brothers who supported earlierscandalously - the famous candidate for mea Sidorenko, threatening to the staff of the Odessa customs also extorted together with Vsevolod Goncharevsky money at businessmen of the market «Supply».

->Alexey Kosarev, the fighter against corruption - the extortioner, earlier the Internet judged for extortion of money from owners - clubs and other subjects of business activity who distributed certificates of the committee to criminals. 

Alexey Kosarev

->Andriy Marín who has a certificate of committee on fight against organized crime and corruption from Kosarev, also previously convicted including for murder.

->The speculator - the human rights activist Georgy Bloshchitsa who won a victory in trial of the American which gathered a dale on 714 thousand. Also, it is noticed in frauds of apartments on the Cathedral square and not only., the headed committee after Kosarev.

Grigory Bloshchitsa

->Andrey Plaksinenko, alternative Odessa self-defense. The businessman who frightened customs by the Odessa self-defense, what to beat out for himself the "convenient" price of the import of fruit protecting Vsevolod.

Andrey Plaksinenko

->His "foreman" Seva Goncharevsky who declared that it is "automaidan", and the rest doesn't kolysht it. Seva who always with himself carried cards of the City Council and actively used privileges. Seva, the foreman of the Maidan self-defense force finishing people who jumped out of the burning Trade Unions Building.

Vsevolod Goncharevsky

In our city, people share on two half: those who is imprisoned, and those who has to be imprisoned. I hope that in the crime punishment is already concluded.

So, having sat a couple of hours I found all information in the Internet about hurrah - patriots who start disorders. After information from the Internet, I received confirmation at the persons working in law enforcement agencies.I tried to find communication and to understand who and why shakes our city.

Who forgives a crime, becomes his accomplice. I wouldn't want that people closed eyes that criminals, operate people further start terrible crimes... 

So, I saw that the judged extortioners and maniacs undertook lustration in Odessa. What all these people famous in other paints who are covered here with various public organizations really do? Fight for the rights of all inhabitants of Odessa? Or only those who is necessary to them?

Can in such a way, namely organizing a lawlessness and dangerous meetings, they want to put the people to positions which are held at present by decent employees, for further fraud and crime....? Whether these people of punishments are afraid? If they so are sure of themselves and aren't afraid of justice on Earth, is also not Terrestrial justice....

Probably, it would be better, if any sin attracted for itself true and fast punishment. Not  «Forgive us sins ours» , and  «Punish us for lawlessness ours» –here what has to be a prayer person to the most fair God.....


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