Higher education institutions transfer to a mode of the maximum economy

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The Minister of Education and Science Ivan Vakarchuk notes that at the present stage higher educational institutions of Ukraine pass into a mode of the maximum economy of expenses which don't influence quality of providing educational services.

As reported in a press - service of the Ministry of Education and Science, about this VAKARChUK I emphasized on the MON "The Purpose of Reforms in the Higher School — Quality and Availability of Education" total board which took place today in Kiev.

"Financially - economic activity of higher educational institutions has to be transferred to a mode maximum to economy, a mode of reduction of those expenses which have no influence on quality of educational services", - Vakarchuk told, having expressed belief that the Ukrainian higher school will keep a positive tendency of development and will adequately answer modern public and economic calls.

At the same time, the minister criticized ways of improvement of an economic situation in some educational institutions due to rent of the state property.

"The analysis of offers concerning rent makes impression that certain heads started confusing the concept "state" and "mine". Patching financial "holes" which - who started correcting independently standards of the legislation and to offer students who study on a contract basis (and actually forced), annually to conclude different additional agreements, to pay "charitable contributions", to carry out a payment through artificial bank accounts", - Vakarchuk explained a situation.

The minister also noticed that, despite objectivity of crisis processes in economy, there are heads who create crisis situations. First of all, it concerns scholarship providing.

"The ministry financed all expenses on grants both in 2008, and at the beginning of 2009, according to demands of higher educational institutions. Despite it, numerous complaints for nonpayment of grants arrived. This question even became a subject of consideration of the Prosecutor General's Office", - Vakarchuk noted.

At meeting of board noted that the Ministry of Education in 2008 in the conditions of economic instability completely paid a salary and grants, allocated funds for improvement of students and teachers, improvement of conditions of accommodation, leisure of students. Similarly and in 2009 - monthly MON in due time finances all expenses for education provided by the budget.

In 2009 on development of institutions and establishments of science and education of system of MON by the state budget it is provided by 13 billion UAH (in 2008 - over 11 billion were m), including on the higher education - nearly 7 billion UAH

In this connection. Vakarchuk hoped that all these means will arrive in full, and their inflation won't depreciate.


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