Yushchenko specified Tymoshenko: people of wons of 5 trillion allocate for crisis, study!

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The president of Ukraine welcomes the solution of the London summit of Group of twenty and notes their unprecedentedness as from the point of view of scale of the offered measures, and ability of leaders of the countries which are the greatest economy of the world, to develop uniform approaches to sharp financially - to economic and social problems of the present.

The Deputy Glavy Sekretariata President of Ukraine Andrey Goncharuk reported about it.

"The head of state is convinced that the summit of Group of twenty defined the most weak spots of world economic and financial systems and defined concrete and, the most important, the program of revival supported with financial instruments", - Goncharuka quotes a press - service of the President of Ukraine.

"Ukraine welcomes the ambitsionny solution of the Summit to allocate until the end of 2010 about 5 trillion dollars for the purpose of restoration of rates of world economic growth to 4-x percent. The decision on allocation to the international financial institutions of additional resources in a size more than 1,1 trillion dollars, and including essential expansion of financial instruments of the International Monetary Fund for the purpose of support of national economies, give to additional hope and are urged to become important incentive for the countries most struck with crisis", - A. Goncharuk emphasized.

According to him, Ukraine also approvingly estimates intention of Group of twenty to pay the main attention to questions of restoration of trust, economic growth, workplaces; to strengthen financial regulation and control, having supported thus system of loans and having renewed the international stream of the capitals; to support global trade and investments, avoiding national protectionism; to develop the international financial institutions.

Emphasis of attention and the consolidated efforts of the world community on achievement of these purposes is capable to provide as a result the continuous growth and restoration for each certain country.

"The president of Ukraine calls the Cabinet of Ukraine and National bank of Ukraine, being based on decisions and recommendations of the summit of Group of twenty, to work the system plan of measures of the legislative, standard and practical activities, directed on improvement of domestic economy and a financial system", - the deputy Glavy of the presidential Secretariat emphasized.


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