The chief forester of Nikolayevshchina was compelled to refuse part of claims at the protection "honor and advantage"

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The destruction which has caused a loud public response of birds in the territory of regional landscape park "Kinburnsky Braid", in so-called Biyenkov the plavnyakh - the end of August - the beginning of September of last year, received the continuation this year. Angry with numerous publications in the mass media reporting about violations at opening of so-called "hunting", main "the forest warden of Nikolayevshchina" Pyotr Palamaryuk filed a lawsuit almost "against all". In the statement of claim Palamaryuk legal entities and individuals, "offended his honor and advantage", counted: the deputy head of department of protection of surrounding environment of the Nikolaev regional state administration Ivan Kubrak, the Kiev newspaper "Vecherniye Vesti", Nikolaev regional the Internet - the N Novosti newspaper, Nikolaev the Internet - the newspaper, the ecologist - the public man Antonina Galkina, the deputy of regional council Lyubov Kobylyanskaya and the journalist Andrey Dvoretsky.

It is possible to argue very long both on the trial, and on actions of the claimant, and them, in fact, four. "Shoulder to shoulder" with Pyotr Palamaryuk in the judicial claim regional management of forestry headed by it, GP "Ochakov Lesookhotnichye Economy" and the chief of the last state enterprise V. Turovsky is specified. But, as showed yesterday's meeting, the claim of "the chief forest warden" "began to flow".

On April 2 at meeting in Ochakov district court the lawyer of forestry declared the petition concerning partial refusal of claim requirements. Namely from claims to the Vecherniye Vesti newspaper and the journalist Andrey Dvoretsky. It is necessary to tell that Palamaryuk doesn't go to court - sends the lawyer. According to the last, charges were dismissed because the challenged material was written, being based in words the director of RLP "Kinburnsky Braid" Zinoviy Petrovich and the deputy head of department of protection of surrounding environment of the Nikolaev regional state administration Ivan Kubrak.

The rest of the statement of claim looks a little comically.For example, Lyubov Kobylyanskaya and Antonina Galkina try to make responsible that they before the building of regional management of forestry during picket held the poster "The Forestry Protects Poachers". According to Palamaryuk, picket carried out illegally, than prevented employees of regional management of lesookhotnichy economy to fulfill the functional duties. As for the Internet - newspapers, that, according to the chief forest warden, they have to answer under the law, and pay moral compensation that printed the photo... that poster. Except the poster Pyotr Palamaryuk didn't like also heading of news which was accompanied by the photo: "The forestry protects poachers" - ecologists - public men consider.

Generally, it is expected that the this case will be interesting.


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