Kolesnikov with Akhmetov were going to conduct "the country to success"

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Change of electoral laws regarding open party lists doesn't solve a global problem of reforming of the power.

Such opinion was expressed in interview to Interfax — Ukraine agency by the deputy party leader of regions Boris Kolesnikov.

"Global reform of the power is necessary. This law on open lists Ukraine and Ukrainians richer won't make. It is such vague measure. It for debate", - is considered by him.

According to the politician, Ukraine is in a "catastrophic" situation.

At the same time, Kolesnikov noted that the Party of Regions is ready to offer the vision of reforming of the country.

"The global range of reforms is necessary. Our members of the same party have it. Including, and Rinat Akhmetov's Fund prepared system structural reforms which will provide to the country the rule of law and economic growth... Only global structural reforms registered for 8-10 years, can remove our country to success", - he emphasized.

At the same time, the deputy supports idea about introduction of standard of open electoral party lists, but is afraid, whether there will be this norm at existing corruption, to have a positive effect.

"Our country got to such corruption hole for these 18 years that it didn't turn into openness auction that there was no auction component. Because each person opened in the list will try, including, and material resources to collect more votes", - he told.

"Methods in Ukraine very simple - from buckwheat before direct monetary injections. That this good idea didn't turn into full discredit of parliamentarism in Ukraine. Here it guards", - Kolesnikov noted.


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