The Ukrainian grain which is exported by "Nibulon", will feed starving Africa

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Arrangements of the Ukrainian government on supply of grain to the needing countries, in particular, Ethiopia, concluded in the fall of last year, found a practical embodiment.

Ukraine delivered the first 100 thousand tons продзерна according to the UN program on the markets of Africa and to North Korea.

The tender of the UN for foodgrain delivery to the needing countries was won by the Nibulon company. "Yes, we won FAO tender, quality of our production and the offered cost were the main criteria. In total we put more than 100 thousand tons of the foodgrain, all deliveries are carried already out", - the director general of the enterprise, the head of the company Alexey Vadatursky speaks. The markets - recipients - Sudan, Korea, Ethiopia, Eritrea. "Yesterday loaded the last ship in the direction of Ethiopia", - he speaks. According to him, under the terms of the tender, the company also provided logistics in the continent. "Unloading was in Dzhibuta, then grain packaged in bags and the motor transport delivered to the recipient to Ethiopia", - Alexey Vadatursky noted.

It is the first case when the Ukrainian company participated in the tender of the UN for supply of grain. "Our participation in competition became possible as arrangements between the Ukrainian government and the UN about such cooperation" were concluded earlier, - Alexey Vadatursky speaks. We will remind that the UN addressed to Ukraine in the fall of last year to put part of grain of a record harvest on the markets of the needing countries. At the end of September visit to Ukraine official delegation of the UN which held negotiations on participation of our country in the World Food Programme (WFP) as the supplier of grain for the third countries took place. "I am very glad that the president and the government of Ukraine, despite a difficult economic situation, could help inhabitants of Ethiopia suffering from hunger, - the coordinator of UN system in Ukraine mister Francis O'Donnell noted. - Thus, Ukraine not only showed to the whole world readiness to fight against hunger, but also had an exclusive opportunity to expand the market of export of grain and other agricultural production, having become the donor of the World food programme". The world food programme of the UN suggested to allocate $460 million for grain purchase to Ethiopia where 9,6 million starve.person.

Cooperation of Ukraine with the UN bears more benefit for the supplier, than purchasers as entry into the market of purchases of the World food programme opens huge opportunities for grain sale while some other sales markets for Ukraine were closed before the Ukrainian companies. "This expansion of a sales market. And, besides, now, when a number of the markets made a complaint to the Ukrainian grain (Egypt. - The bus), participation in the program of the UN gives a signal that quality of the Ukrainian grain doesn't cause fears", - Vladimir Lapa, the head of the group of experts of "Ukrainian Club of Agrarian Business" association speaks.

Earlier Ukrainian officials predicted that participation of Ukraine according to programs of the UN can make to 1 million t grain. Theoretically, I could carry out deliveries and Agrarian fund (such opportunity was discussed earlier right after visit to Ukraine UN delegations as negotiations were conducted at governmental level), however it is obvious that the state agent doesn't possess sufficient experience and history of deliveries independently to win the tender, both most likely and further such tranches will be carried out by private traders. Alexey Vadatursky noted that "Nibulon" considers opportunity and further to take part in UN tenders. "Conditions of such cooperation are quite acceptable. We will participate and further", - he speaks. Current marketing year Ukraine can put record 25 million t of grain for export.


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