The socialist party broke up, Moroz loses "bayonets"

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About three hundred members of Socialist party on Saturday declared an exit from it and the accession to ideologically close party "Spravedlivost" which is headed now by Ivan Chizh.

According to the newspaper "The businessman - Ukraine", soon Stanislav Nikolayenko becomes the leader of this party.

Carrying out this conference was initiated on April 4 by two former ministers - the socialist Stanislav Nikolayenko and Alexander Baranivsky who oppose the present management of SPU, in particular her leader Alexander Moroz.

To party conference were invited not only representatives of the SPU local organizations, but also leaders of other left-wing parties: Progressive socialist party Natalya Vitrenko, "Union of the left forces" Vasily Volgu, "Socialist Ukraine" Vladimir Goshovsky and Spravedlivost party of Ivan Chizha.

Following the results of conference the resolution "Socialists for updating" was adopted, containing an appeal to all left-wing parties to make a speech as "the uniform force" at presidential and parliamentary elections.

Participants of conference discussed also the inner-party conflict in Socialist party.

Baranivsky declared: "Present leaders of SPU made the management of the regional organizations of puppets in the hands. Today it means one - final privatization of party by a small group of persons led by Moroz, Mendusem, Rudkovsky... They independently dispose of party finance, place shots which discredit SPU" even more.

According to Baranivsky, creation under the auspices of SPU of party of children of war which was led on March 1 by Anatoly Pachevsky became the last straw which has forced it to be disappointed in the leader of Socialist party. "He told (Moroz) to me: we will create this party, we will enter the block, we will drive in parliament, and then we will dismiss it! ", - Baranivsky declared.

He suggested Party members to leave structure of SPU and to join "Justice". Later this decision was supported practically by all present members of SPU.

The siskin after conference declared to the "Kommersant" that "is ready to give way the party leader Stanislava Nikolayenko". Nikolayenko admitted later: "The siskin offered me, and I agreed. I think, in a week - two information on change of the leader will be submitted to Ministry of Justice".Thus it assumed that the party can replace the name: "I believe, it will be called as For Fair Ukraine party.

At the same time, at meeting of political council of SPU which took place in Saturday in parallel with the Socialists for Updating conference, the decision on a conclusion from structure of political council of the Siskin (according to his statement) and the former first secretary of the Nikolaev regional committee of SPU Sergey Chmyrya was made.

Besides, according to participants of meeting, the political council decided to dismiss the Kherson regional committee of Socialist party which elected the first secretary Nikolayenko, than, according to political council, "violated the charter".

In July of last year in Ministry of Justice the message on liquidation of Spravedlivost party in connection with association with SPU arrived. However association of parties didn't happen, and process of elimination of "Justice" is suspended.


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