Deputies promise Yushchenko "boomerang" if it again dismisses them

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Member of WELL fraction - NANOSECOND Roman Zvarych considers that in case of signing by the president of the decree about parliament dissolution the Verkhovna Rada will begin impeachment procedure to Victor Yushchenko.

He told about it in interview to journalists on Monday.

"As soon as the decree of the president about dissolution of parliament which will be actually illegal will be issued, I can precisely tell what will be reaction of the Verkhovna Rada - it will be determined as the beginning of procedure of impeachment by crime signs in actions of the president", - he told.

"It will be qualified as excess of powers of authority", - added Zvarych.

In his opinion, Yushchenko understands that his actions can lead to similar development of a situation and therefore still didn't sign this decree.

"When on it palmed off this document - because I precisely know that the decree was ready - the president understood that it drive to a crime and therefore he bethought and told: "No, there are no bases, children, don't play the fool", - I told Zvarych.

At the same time Blok's member Lytvyna Oleg Zarubinsky expressed opinion that the head of the secretariat of the president Victor Baloga tries to persuade the president to sign nevertheless the decree about parliament dissolution.

"It is obvious that now there is a process of a dolamyvaniye, a dozhimaniye of the president from Balogi and part of Party of Regions, first of all Firtash's groups in order that the president issued the decree about early elections and positioned it in information space as simultaneous parliamentary and presidential election. That is and the president allegedly goes for early elections which actually are next, and the Verkhovna Rada", - he told.

Thus Zarubinsky expressed doubt that similar intentions of the secretariat will be carried out as, as well as in October, 2008, the president has no bases for early dissolution of parliament.

"If then it didn't manage to carry out it, and now it won't be possible", - he told.


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