The children's camp created by the deputy - the communist disturbs the head of district administration?

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The deputy of a regional council fromCommunist party Nikolay SkoryI wrote the deputy address on actions of the head of district administration of the Bereznegovatsky area. As it was succeeded to learn"Crime. Is NOT PRESENT", between the deputy and the chairman of district administration there is an antagonism which pours out in any provocation.

As it became known,Nikolay SkoryI organized in the house, in the villageCaucasus of the Bereznegovatsky area, a hostel for children, on collective-farm money I created children's sports school, and also I built a camp for children. But I didn't process documents to all this. This neglect the law from the deputy became a reason of all "footboards" for it.

The essence of the deputy address is reduced to that during training at sports school disconnected light. The deputy suspects the head of district administration with whom Fast clashes of this "trick".

It should be noted that on one of trainings there was a chief of criminal militia for children of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine at the Nikolaev areaVictor Suranovich, which watched that the rights of children weren't violated.

Soon reaction to the deputy address followed also - to the area there arrived the commission, but any sensible decision it was accepted not - the commission disposed that the deputy prepared and showed all references available at present and other documents confirming legality of children's school, a hostel and camp, - and all.

It should be noted thatNikolay Skoryis the chairman of agricultural enterprise "Prometheus" of the Bereznegovatsky area. Probably, this fact is related to the unfriendly relations of the deputy with the head of regional administration.


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