Deputies failed the corruption law of regionals

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Deputies failed the corruption law of regionals

About it the newspaper writes"Business".

On Monday the Verkhovna Rada refused to overcome the presidential veto on the bill "About System of Collecting and the Accounting of a Uniform Social Contribution to Obligatory State Social Insurance".

One of the most scandalous regulations didn't receive recently any vote of support and was rejected.

In the middle of January the Verkhovna Rada estimated the bill positively - over 400 votes were given for its acceptance. Such unity of parliamentarians is explained by participation in document preparation practically all political forces.

Key innovation of the approved document was refusal of charge to employers and hired workers of four contributions - in the Pension fund, funds of insurance upon unemployment, insurance upon temporary loss of working capacity and accidents.

Instead of them authors of the bill suggested to enter uniform collecting which then had to be distributed on a special formula between the above funds.
However, having adopted the bill as a whole, deputies found out that its final version cardinally differs from that for which they, actually, voted.

"The difference was estimated in 36 amendments, - the secretary of committee of the Verkhovna Rada concerning social policy and work Vladimir Vyazivsky counted. - The document simply copied after vote".

In the bill included points which provide creation of the bodies operating activity of funds, - tripartite council (nadblyudatelny) and administrations of social insurance (leading).

"The group of deputies made attempt not only to change system of collecting, but also to establish control over it", - the first deputy minister of work and social policy Pavel Rozenko speaks.

It is a question of people's deputies from Party of Regions, among which Mikhail Papiyev and Alexander Stoyan. They didn't answer the phone calls, the newspaper writes.

"We, of course, were for saving of the presidential veto on the bill, but nevertheless hoped that it will send back for revision. And deputies would accept the document in that option in which it was prepared for the first reading. Now implementation of the concept of a uniform social contribution is tightened for indefinite time", - Rozenko complains.

However Vladimir Vyazivsky isn't inclined to such pessimism. "The committee, really, can take as a basis the bill text to the first reading and finish it a little. But it will take one day", - he assures.

Attempt of deputies - "regionals" to push the bill creating the soil for corruption in the sphere of social assignments, failed.


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