"On June 22, exactly at 4 o'clock... " or all truth about war

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The impression that is a little more is made, and everyone more - less significant date in the general Ukrainian - the Russian history becomes a detonator of escalation of loud information opposition.

And, if the opinion of Moscow looks the most apolitical, national - consolidated and actually reasonable, a look of Kiev each time - more and more politized, national - separating and unconvincing. That is with a uniform Russian position polemizes at least two - three Ukrainian.

So occurs and these days, on the eve of June 22 when in 1941 of army of the Hitlerite coalition intruded on the territory of the Soviet Union.

Today in the discussion center - the reasons of the beginning of bloody four years' armed conflict between two superstates which since World War II beginning in September 1939 worked symmetrically and harmoniously, fastened with the non-aggression pact which, was the contract about voyenno - political cooperation rather.

Date, validly, is noteworthy also studying because secrets that war, on - former, has enough as in global, so in local and personal aspects.

For example, why Germany and the USSR didn't unite against the third subject in fight for world supremacy - britano - the North American union? After all how this opposition ended, the today's world would be absolutely another, and it would be faced absolutely by other calls. And still it isn't known, there would be on the world map independent Ukraine.

But, it so, by the way, though it is necessary to recognize that creation of the Ukrainian state, according to political historians, wasn't in the plans of serious world players the last 300 years.

Strong independent Ukraine wasn't necessary neither the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, nor imperial Russia, neither Avstro - Hungary, nor Germany, Britain, after the USA.

It is known that when in the Perestroika USSR the parade of sovereignties began, the American president J. Bush - the senior convinced the top political management of USSR to demand for himself any freedoms and guarantees from Washington and Moscow, but not to leave structure of the USSR.

But "свидоми" the Ukrainian researchers don't stuff themselves the head with such trifles.Today they very much try to prove that Stalin since 1921 "grew up" Wehrmacht, trained the German officers, "generated" a monster of Hitler over which by 1941 I lost control. And here golodomor, repressions and deportations of innocent Ukrainians become attached. And as huge losses among civilians of Ukraine during occupation. Adjusting the answer to result that one tyrant, at the price of huge victims among which, naturally, the main part ethnic Ukrainians make, won against another. And "неньке" from it supposedly cold, hot: were under a yoke, under a yoke and remained. Mariinsky dreamers don't want to understand, probably, that automatically deprive considerable part of the Ukrainian citizens, first of all, fighting veterans and their family, the people status - the winner. And strenuously impart to public consciousness the people status - victims. And, in everything.

And in any way don't wish to understand that to impose to Hugo's indigenous people - the East and the country center, psychology (mentality) of rather small region of Galichina rather recently attached to the Soviet Ukraine, it won't be possible.

At this wonderful country - the history of the last three centuries. Galichane didn't take part in liberating wars of the middle of 17 century which apogee there was a revolt under B. Khmelnytsky's leadership, neither in the Poltava fight, nor in Konotopskaya about which very much now speak and argue. Their lands didn't occupy the German armies in 1918. And still to the galichena with nostalgia remember about comfortable австро - the Hungarian past. And it is fine: have the right.

But inhabitants of other regions of present Ukraine too have the right for the history.

Another thing is that the Ukrainian politicians and historians of different schools (or camps) continue to support old myths about war and even create the new.

Hugo - the East continues to hold legends of heroes - underground workers, especially, young, and a leading role in the underground resistance of communists. It concerns also Krasnodon "Young guard", and "A guerrilla spark" from Krymk's May Day village. Or existence and efficiency of the Nikolaev underground.

Last summer the Nikolaev in a Week weekly in two giving acquainted the readers with archival researches of the journalist O. Krinitsky who on the basis of documents told, than the Nikolaev shipbuilders on the two shipyards during 3-x years of fascist occupation were engaged. Yes official chroniclers, including, with KGB shoulder straps will forgive us:as - that isn't looked through existence in Nikolaev the organized underground and its influence, including and legendary Lyagin.

In the same time in the western areas myths about influence on a course of World War II of soldiers of OUN - unitary enterprise spread. The German historians declare that in open fight with regular parts of Wehrmacht Shukhevich's groups, Bendery, Melnik didn't enter. Unless attacked rear warehouses in search of the weapon and the food.

It is very sad that hundreds thousands graduates, said goodbye these evenings with the schools, will incur this unnecessary and konfliktoopasny baggage of the past further - in the future.

When we will decide to tell the truth about great war which began 67 years ago, and in any way won't end.


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