Secrets of the Nikolaev yard

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Today we will do without already absolutely senseless reasonings on the events on Pechersky hills. Not to assimilate to the professional provoker - the leader, multi-colored parrots - "political" clowns and other "guests" widely known and deeply disgusting to any who is still capable to think and analyze, show Schuster of live put almost based on works of M. Zoshchenko.

Present headed by the "imposing" leader, all together and almost everyone, very much is reminded by watchmen of aero club, it "the companion from the center", agitating for aircraft:

"As you, men, are the people dark,
I at first about policy will tell you.
Here, generally, Germany, and here - China.
Here - Russia, and here - in general …".

And this propaganda masterpiece offering upon completion of demonstration to men at general store to offer who how many can, on "ероплан". The difference is only that to shusterovsky "men" and other citizens, unostentatiously, but again the persistently suggest to offer, mainly, voices.

But not on "aircraft development", and in favor of this or that "the savior of the nation".

But we will leave "virtual reality" to these "saviors" - virtuals. With a hot wish to remain in it as it is possible more long.
It is desirable, forever.

"We have a reality still koshmarny …"
V. Vysotsky.

I will give an example which You, the Reader, too could observe or I observed. Last year's summer, koblevsky beach.
Walking on the coast, I came across a certain protection in the form of the metal gauze. Behind which arrangement density of "having a rest workers" time in three - four exceeded a similar indicator outside this territory called as it became clear, a VIP-zone later.

It seemed curious, and from a verandah of the small restaurant located near this "zone" and some above it "from a sea level", visually examined "mode".

The first that was evident, there was that plastic topchanchik sufficed far not on all "VIP-guests" which majority settled down directly on not really pure sand.

In the middle of this "territories for the elite" there was the construction protected with a grid, similar to the first "to a prickle before the no-go area", on two thirds filled with water-melon and melon crusts, bottles, banks and other waste of "elite" rest.
And the sea "washing" this "zone" reminded consommé with trickled pastries in view of the corresponding quantity desired in it поплескаться rather.

In a word, "paradise for the elite", stay in which costed to his inhabitants of "fantastic sum" in the sum if doesn't change memory, 15 units of "stable national currency".

The above already in itself can be presented, as the answer to a question: "Why still quite recently the prosperous country appeared in such here …"?

In a word, foul place identical to above-mentioned "zone".

You see the Reader, the vast majority of those who at different levels "governs" now You, left the Soviet equalization. They owing to the origin and lack of possibility of career growth from - for discrepancies to criteria of an assessment of that time for "promotion", weren't allowed to habitat of heads even an average, not to mention the highest, an echelon.

And when the Kremlin owners and them "watching" lost (for known time) the former power over "independent" Ukraine, the present upward emerged.

By the most nature not capable to create.

In total their "ardent" "patriotic" speeches, texts and, certainly, actions, had only one motive - to be beaten out in the category VIP-of persons.
To become well-founded and powerful "elite", being, in fact, inhabitants "black human". And, it is exclusive for the account from the compatriots who have remained there, "below".

In Great Rome understood that there is nothing more terribly than the plebeians who are tearing to the power. Understood, however, too late.
In this country, alas, didn't understand even it …

No, it not nostalgia on the failed Soviet empire. It is ascertaining of that occurred the last 18 years and continues to occur. In the avidity they won't stop never.

Both meanness and their nonsense is never transformed to nobility and wisdom.

Thus, in case of preservation of a present state of affairs and present "faces" in the power of all levels this country and people, it occupying, are doomed.Without the slightest hope …

And what "people"?

It is separated in the highest degree.

It is broken off in the consciousness and, respectively, in perception of reality, not only to the east and the West, but also on electoral commitment.

In other words, instead of, "to send in a garden" "owners of beaches" together with them "valuable instructions" and to choose to itself the town to taste most, everyone who for any of several reasons why - that sees itself "other than others", to aspire for a grid of shelters with attractive inscriptions "a VIP-zone".

Certainly, it is possible not to go at all "to a beach". Or "to spite of the conductor of the bus to go to a taxi". But owners of "beaches" and "conductors of buses" will win from it in our case only.

I won't begin to continue, but very much I want to hope that You, the Reader, understand and you realize who and why again puts these "people" in "a choice pose".

There are no doubts that after early parliamentary and "ahead of schedule - urgent" presidential election (if, certainly, VA. won't go for inclusion of a mode of direct presidential board) the turn of early elections will come to local councils. Using become fashionable from giving of the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton expression "reset", reset of local "elite" has to be made.

Under following "Messiah".

And the fuss invisible while to the vast majority of nikolayevets, but, nevertheless, already enough active, began.

The most actual and electorally prior to the beginning of and during a local electoral race the following will be demanded:

- the present power "here and everywhere" finally discredited itself and has to be replaced in a name of "further prosperity", etc.;
- the closed party lists dug a mogilka to local government; - the deputy majority of known color and "illuminations" which have adjoined it for short term plundered all city municipal property;

- emergence of new faces from them "patriotism, decency and professionalism" - the only hope for rescue;
- in local government the party organizations, and the public associations of citizens reflecting expectations and hopes of the majority of citizens have to play a crucial role not.
- it is necessary to reject political disagreements and joint efforts to resist to global crisis.

Well, and so on.

It is pleasant?

Well, we won't be greedy, the Reader.

We present it poor, but, nevertheless, to backward "obnovlenets" who were tore in the power on poverty and poverty of intellect …

It would seem, everything is logical.

But take your time "to admire and admire". In modern "policy" of the Ukrainian flood it is much more important not that speak and who exactly speaks.

As speak in the people: "Who is ху? ".

With Kiev "ху" everything is clear for a long time, technologies, methods and techniques they for these years lit not once.

"Boringly, girls …"

Some words about A.Yatsenyuk.

It is young, clever, intelligent, than favourably differs from the majority of the main players. However, the statement that Arseny Petrovich is the new person in Ukrainian "policy" is submitted a little conditional.

Analyzing it "stages of a big way", mainly, the speed of passing of each stage, is made the impression passing into confidence that "young talent" is conducted to the purpose by someone's powerful will.

Range of positions held by Yatsenyuk is so wide that doubts that it not professional, but exclusively political career, doesn't arise long ago.

And very much reminds Victor Yushchenko's dizzy take-off in due time.

As a matter of fact, any other processing methods, except "changes our hearts" A.Yatsenyuk demand and his advisers yet didn't apply.

And this song isn't new, the same tune is sung also by supporters ex-the Minister of Defence A.Gritsenko.

Technologists promptly shot up up - the posh already started longing for a ladder of the Ukrainian power of the politician dizziness, forgetting that the speed of a set of a rating always conceals in itself danger so its prompt falling. Effect not burst, but a sduty balloon.

YU.V. confidants too in it didn't see the competitor, differently wouldn't be limited to definitions "the boy - with - a finger", "Senya - a rabbit" and other ineffective attempts to connect A.Yatsenyuk with D. Firtash.

It is necessary to recognize that Tymoshenko missed Yatsenyuk's start. However we will return to "our rams".

Any politician is played, as we know, by suite. As the Big Yulya which official "person" in the Nikolaev area is Zabzalyuk loses here, for example!

As Nikonov doesn't match "revolutionary asceticism" N. Vitrenko chubby nowadays.

Perhaps, the only thing "natural continuation" the "партбосса" N. Kruglov looks. Which not only tries to hold (and I will pay tribute to Nikolay Petrovich - holds) in a bridle so non-uniform, greedy and envious regional and city "partbratiya" (slightly was I didn't say - rack), but also from time to time isn't tired to distribute caustic characteristics to "political" opponents and "economic" competitors.

As it desired to be expressed in interview about A.Yatsenyuk:

"From anything it will turn out nothing".

About Zabzalyuk - Zadyrko:

"Let they will go to Tymoshenko, will knock a fist, will go to Japan, starve there, but will achieve clarity on "the Japanese bridge"".

Funny, isn't that so?

Unnatural "soldering" Zabzalyuk - Zadyrko looks ridiculous not so much, how many "to knock a fist" at YU.V.

"New faces" of the Ukrainian policy to voters also will try to show and impose further.

For example, "the important and unshakable" I.Vinsky who everything can't get rid of obsession of creation own in any way, the "left" party. This thought at it, on are known to the reasons, there is, probably, any more one month, and he it strenuously continues "to think".

But it in the long term, at the level of ripening.

Therefore I will stop on already taken place "materializations of sensual ideas".

It is a question of "bow" of two, at first sight, absolutely "not being closed" figures. S. Isakov and the mayor - "recidivist" V. Chaika mean A.Yatsenyuk's "projection" to Nikolaev and "vicinity".

No, I don't focus attention on A.Sadykov and V. Chaika's joint dinner, smoothly passing into a breakfast at 5 o'clock in the morning at Déjà vu restaurant. Simply I want to feel sympathy to the deputy of V.D., which very much tried to convince the members of the executive committee who have gathered for meeting at 9 o'clock in the morning of the same day that his chief is urgently called in the Cabinet.

In memory memories of a meeting of the Nikolaev Olympians, opening of New Year's holidays vaguely flashed (at which kids with 40 - minute impatience expected not Father Frost any there, and the "the best friend" Vladimir Dmitriyevich) and some other events which have taken place without participation "our expensive".

I why - that stayed many years in confidence that the KM is on the Grushevsky street in the city of Kiev.

And it, appears, is located on Dunayev Street in the city of Nikolaev …

It won't be absolutely tactful, perhaps, and a mention of a Saturday family feast in a beer podvalchik near V.D.'s present residence in the company with S. Isakov and their ladies.

People "silently, peacefully, on - family", what in it reprehensible gathered?

After all they are affairs everyday, truly?

As well as "morning fatigue" V.D. at the time of pronouncing by it "the outstanding speech" on V. I. Lenin Square in day of celebration of release of the city.

Absolutely anything reprehensible!

Perhaps, only "unofficial" attempt to put off to the deputy of the Russian State Duma of 300 US dollars as a sign of, probably, huge appreciation for the speech delivered on meeting drops out of the general stylistics a little.

I assume, what V.D., staying "in lack of presence", the speech of the young Russian deputy didn't hear (though where - нибудь in the civilized country it quite could become a reason for the international scandal), whether but in it business?

After all desire to share the "terribly earned" - act incompetent and where - that even, by and large, and welcomed.
Therefore we will agree on option that in this case such initiative - only small "an episode from life almost free almost the artist", creative and simply gifted personality whom "the singing mayor" is. Or we will consider it for extraordinary reception in very difficult business of attraction of the Russian investments into the Nikolaev region, it is allegoric - "Come to us, we have children here money everyone and not wishing distribute! "

That surprises a little, so it is so open and, mainly, premature demonstration, to put it mildly, not absolutely natural union "Seagull — Isakov".

It is hard to say, on what "the triple owner of a mayor crown" counts V.D., declaring that will propose the candidature for the fourth time and by all means will win. (And as far as his present "fellow traveler" Isakov shares this confidence? )

On those 30 thousand of "floating voices", "dead souls", arisen from "darkness" and brought in electoral registers on the eve of it "the first coming"? (About what, by the way, couldn't but know both Isakov, and his "godfather" A.Sadykov, being exposed in 2006 - m, i.e., couldn't but know, unlike given to them the votes of naive voters that Isakov's defeat was initially predetermined).

Or on that these 30 thousand.were transformed in 2007 to figure almost twice more, and it will be able to beat it in own favor?

No, V.D. not such thoughtless person not to understand all illusiveness of similar hopes.

He perfectly knows that this time in case of possible participation in its mayor race "bomb" will be seriously. Professionally and with creative inspiration …

That is called, with "arguments and the facts". Together with his present "allies" who so were recently his "irreconcilable" opponents.

It is possible to be attached in any party list, of course, but whether there will be number through passage?

Prospects are foggy …

And what such today's Isakov?

It "The front of changes", more precisely, party in which it will change, any "Our city" andA. Sadykovfrom it very unpopular, but still moving NUNS.

"There is a sense to continue meeting, ladies and gentlemen jurors! "

Chaika's contribution to "authorised capital" is slightly more modest - the For Vladimir Chaika block, one more new created under V.D. "public association" and declared just in case "a whole-hearted support of tens of thousands of nikolayevets" …

And all this together taken - a maximum of "bayonets" in both councils?

More than it is enough to dream "to move" Nikolay Petrovich and his backward "members of the same party" "in shares"?

I think, N. Kruglov about it will get sooner or later into "shadow argument with categorical objections" against similar "pirouettes" of Chaika who in very considerable degree is obliged by the current cadence to support of "regionals" and personally to Kruglov.

And what if to "working people" in an available form explain "the purposes and tasks" in the recent past of competitors - Isakov and Chaika, and the result of "joint fight" will be directly opposite to the expected?

It would be desirable to note one more detail.

The Nikolaev area from the point of view of quantity of voices in absolute expression of special interest at Kiev партбоссов doesn't cause.

If to consider also recent 20%-ю a voter turnout on May Day elections of the mayor, the number of adherents of this or that "party" "on the heads" on the scale of All-Ukrainian elections will be insignificant.

Therefore local "fyurerka" need to try very much that their "unbearable" work on recruitment of electorate was noticeable and estimated in Kiev. Otherwise "conclusions" won't keep themselves waiting long.

Losers, and especially talkers, don't love. Like those who reports on all Ukraine about already, it appears, the accepted Master plan of a development of the city of Nikolaev, unemployment in 1 (?) percent and other "fishing rods".

"And in general, everything only begins", children …

And "to a meeting on air", the Reader.


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