Yushchenko won't allow which - to whom to divide the country for two

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The president Victor Yushchenko won't allow to hold the following presidential elections in parliament.

He declared it within a business trip to Odessa region in interview to journalists of regional mass media.

Thus it disproved that proposed by it "cardinal political solutions" concerning changes of the Constitution are untimely in the period of an economic crisis.

According to him, on the contrary, in crisis time in society conscious readiness adequately to give the answer to crisis calls is formed.

"This time to change. We will have no other opportunity", - Yushchenko told, reports press - service of the president.

At the same time he noted that understands that the authorities in power won't support those changes which he offered.

"As for a so-called politicum which represents authorities in power, that to think, most likely, it won't support me", - the president considers, having explained it to that the changes offered them will approve the new principles of formation of the power.

"The principles will bring new quality, and new quality will bring new people", - the president told.

At the same time, he stated confidence of successful realization of its initiatives.

"I don't make advances to people. That I speak, is a personal interest of each person. My mission - to create steps which should be made in order that we had the normal public power", - the president told, having noted that in the offers made use of experience of other countries, including the countries - neighbors.

Yushchenko is sure that society will support those changes which he offered, and will be the partner in their implementation. And nobody will manage to turn movement of our country back from the European democratic standards.

"It is convinced, the country won't manage to be divided for two. It won't be possible to elect the president in parliament", - the president told.


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